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What is this sound from my ABY

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  • What is this sound from my ABY

    Video linky at the bottom!

    I got this right after the car stood for three months and it has been present from the first run since then. I rebuilt my inner cv joints and messed up the correct ball order for one of cv's. I wonder if the inner cv joint could sound like that? Any other part?

    As it shows on the video, the sound is present only at speeds between 20-50 kmh and only when cold. After, say 5kms of driving, the sound goes away.


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    Maybe the exhaust rubbing on the top of the rear right inner cv joint? Had it happen to me when one of the rubber hangers gave up.
    1994 Indigo Blue S2 coupe (ABY)


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      I get this as well on my coupe!

      It is 30mph for me and only when cold. It is odd - once it makes the chirp once or twice; it never seems to do it again!

      I think it is likely to be the centre bearing of the propshaft and it does seem to be coming from under the handbrake area on my car. Have you put one of the Febi BMW bearings on it recently? I did and all was fine for a good few months then out of the blue it started whistling at me.

      I made a jig for holding the shaft in alignment so i could get the shims and end float right. I just wonder if the Febi item is not up to it / i have been unlucky.


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        Yep, I have the Febi BMW centre bearing, too bad if it lasted less than year The timing is funny though, nothing before but right after the three month standing the sound is present. And that got me thinking it might be something I did on the cv joints. Also some other youtube videos suggest that the sound is coming from the centre bearing.

        Where can you find a bearinh that is actually meant to be fitted to our cars?


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          or maybe Pete Reeve at Quattro Corner has some


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            Yep, canter carrier bearing, mine is also less than a year and making noise at low speed.. Grrrrrr.
            No more quality parts out there.
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              Maybe the BMW parts just don't work with Audi I gotta buy different one and see how long that will last, fortunately it's not too bad of a job


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                I have had this saved in my watch list on Ebay for a while now. I may be tempted to try it out. Febi didn't do it for me but this one looks constructed from much thicker steel and although you can't tell from the picture how thick or rigid it is, the rubber looks more substantial on this than the Febi item. More similar looking to the design of the rubber on the genuine item. It can wait till spring though as it isnt whislting all the time at me!



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                  Our forum member valjo just sold me one bearing I'll be installing it once it arrives, of course outside enjoying the Finnish winter

                  Thanks for the answers
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                    Could a genuine OEM b5 RS4 bearing be used? the center is 30mm just the mounting bracket needs flattening and redrilling by the looks of it. Got to be better quality than aftermarket.
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