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  • Fake ebay Ads

    Beware everyone. A fake Ebay ad for a silver UR Quattro has appeared twice in the last two days.
    The car is advertised very cheap and there is a Email address in the listing. Apparently they are listing it on behalf of a relative.
    I've reported this to Ebay and they have pulled the add both times and suspended the accounts.
    This is now a common scam. They will ask for a deposit but the car doesn't exist and they will be operating from abroad.
    A good tip to detect these fraudsters is to see what other items they are selling.
    It will be cars, tractors, motorbikes, caravans and lots of other high value stuff at a fraction of its true value.
    You have been warned!

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    Thanks for taking the time to share.

    Best wishes.


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      And its a low start price and usually one photo only (which they've pinched off the internet)
      lat one I saw was a yellow 911 starting at 99p


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        The fake ad is back

        Have a look at the other items for sale!

        Looks like a genuine account that has been hacked.


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          I have reported it to ebay but they might take a while to pull the ad.