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    Could use some help. I have A 1990 Audi Quattro Coupe A 2.3 20v 7a Engine. Come home from work come to a set of lights and the engine was reving at 2500 and wouldn't come down. got it home and went straight to the idle control valve as they are notorious for sticking and causing all kinds of idle problems. Took the valve off took it apart and put it in a bath of parts cleaner working the plunger to make sure it was free. Anyway while that was soaking i checked all the hoses for any cracks or splits and everything is ok so check all the electric connectors and wiring and that's good too. after a long soak in parts cleaner dried and cleaned it all off put it back together and fitted it back on the car. started it up and revs up worse than ever. Anyone have any idea what might be causing this. any help would be most grateful. Thanks

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    hi Studley... I don't know much about the 7A but was thinking there might be a problem with the throttle body? Anyway, there are other threads on this forum about problems with the 7A. Maybe you'll pick up some ideas from the following: