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    I was looking on MRC website and before they’ll touch the S2 they want a list of things done, I’m looking for help with part numbers. I’ve worked out a couple and see Audi Tradition have them in stock but could you help me with the rest?

    MAF - 034133471K

    N75 - 034906283K

    ISV -

    Throttle position sensor -

    Diverter valve - 06A145710P

    Lambda - 034906265F

    Coilpacks - I’d be looking at the new style 2.0T versions, how would I get them up and running properly - I’ve seen a few fitted.

    The boots mentioned, are they CV or am I missing something?

    What new uprated fuel pump with relayed power would be suitable?

    All would be for an ABY Coupé


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    What are you wanting done? Don't forget, once you've spent a grand on those parts, then a remap... You'll be almost at the cost of an aftermarket ECU for a simple remap (if it's mapping)
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    S2 Coupe... bit easier off the line...
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      Are all those parts faulty?


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        Go down there and have a chat with Doug before you buy anything or do too much. You'll save yourself a load of hassle if you go through what you want to do to the car and let him point you in the right direction.