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Buying a B4 from Germany

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  • Buying a B4 from Germany

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to S2foruns but have been long established on other Audi forums such as Audizine and Motorgeek, Vwvorte, etc. I have had a few Audis but I miss my B3 90 20V quattro the most. I want to add a B4 to my quiver.

    So it's time for me to get back into a small chassis. My wife and I are taking some time for ourselves and are going to be traveling Europe for a few months starting in September. We're looking for either an 80 Competition or Avant (in that order of preference) to buy and use for our trip (using German export plates). We'll ship it home when we're done via RoRo back to the US. I've done quite a bit of research/reading on the legal logistics, but the difficult part is purchasing a relativity rare car (80 compi) from overseas.

    Are there any members in Germany willing to possibly lend a hand? I'm currently interested in a compi located in the Annaberg-buchholz area specifically but there are a few others out there.

    And don't worry, I plan on documenting the entire trip (including the export/import details) for those interested.

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    Compi prices are ridiculous in Germany, you could buy one in every colour for that money in here
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      Using autoscout24 they seem to be comparable across the continent at around 5k euro give or take a couple grand depending on condition. I'm not married to the idea of buying one in Germany, it is just easier as they allow non-residents to register and insure a car. I'd be more than willing to buy one from else where that allows something similar.


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        Cheap ones usually are not worth the time to go look at them. They are rusted and/or beaten or engine runs like crap.
        Years ago friend was looking for Competition. After checking multiple cars here in Latvia, none of them were worth buying and ended up buying one in Lithuania from forum member.


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          There is one in Lithuania that I'm interested in as well. I just need to figure out how I could register and insure it.


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            Originally posted by Joshdub View Post
            There is one in Lithuania that I'm interested in as well. I just need to figure out how I could register and insure it.
            I'd like to think that some members on this fine forum can help with that!
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