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Are Audi 80 b3 doors same as 80 b4 doors?

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  • Are Audi 80 b3 doors same as 80 b4 doors?

    are Audi 80 saloon B3 doors the same as Audi 80 saloon b4 doors?

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    yes, they are the same.
    only the doors not the window frame. only if you have the same doorcards as the B3 then you can use all.
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      b3 doors don't have the aluminium crash bar installed. but the holes are there to fit one from a b4.
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        later b3 doors do have the aluminium crash bars in. im running b4 rear doors on mine and no difference at all


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          B3 80 doors are same as early B4 without lower trim mounts
          B3 90 doors are same as later B4 with lower trim mounts
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