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034 121 071t metal coolant hose

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  • 034 121 071t metal coolant hose

    Can anyone help, just replaced all the coolant hoses and found the short steel section is past its best! Audi tradition don’t have it in stock, Audi confirmed it’s been obsolete since 2013 and local fabricators don’t seem interested in making one up! Anyone got a solution please? My last resort is buying materials on eBay... it’s for an ABY part number is in title. Many thanks

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    If it's the short section from the thermostat housing Error404 make them in stainless.

    If it's the long tube someone on the S2Forum facebook group had one made recently and suggested he might be able to get more made.
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      This is the longer one:

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        Alex was posting about these in stainless only this time last year:

        Maybe there is a 7A one in the works too


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          Thanks guys, I’ve sent Alex a pm.... fingers crossed