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  • Emission light on

    Hello chaps even though I don't own an S2 anymore I still value all your accumulated knowledge I own a 2008 A4 b8 8k model 2.0ltr Tdi SE. The emission light came on so I did a vag Com scan 2 codes appeared p2015 intake manifold flap position sensor implausible signal 2nd code p0684 glow plug control module implausible signal pre heat time 300msecs I renewed the module cleared fault switch engine running switched off, started the car light came on again. I tested the glow plugs no.1 & 2 were 167 & 191 ohms resistance, no.3 &4 ..0.5 &0.4 ohms resistance so I changed the plugs for 4 brand new Bosch glow plugs started engine cleared the fault codes went for a run switched engine off waited a couple of mins.started engine light came back on has anyone come across that problem my next port of call will be checking current to the glow plugs and wiring after that am at a loss HELP

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    do both codes return?

    I checked gerrtispeek:
    • Klep Inlaatspruitstuk defect
    • Motor (V157) van Klep Inlaatspruitstuk zit vast / is defect
    • Software-versie / Firmware-versie van de ECU is onjuist
    • Bedrading en/of verbindingen defect van/naar de Motor (V157) van Klep Inlaatspruitstuk
    could be valve, could be motor of valve, could be software (Golf only it says elsewhere), could be wiring
    • Bedrading en/of aansluitingen defect
    • Regelmodule gloeibougie - motorregelmodule - aandrijflijnregelmodule
    could be wiring, modules


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      What fault code comes back? Could do with vag codes too rather than p codes.
      intake manifold v157 is common on these and requires the top half of intake replacing along with the motor that controls it. An easy enough job.