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Daily driver A6 avant 2.7t Stage 3

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  • Daily driver A6 avant 2.7t Stage 3

    So I can see we have a C5 area now

    Here is a little info about my daily driver, which is going stage 3.

    Audi A6 Avant 2.7T manual 6 speed from 2001 with around 130.000 km.

    I imported the car from Germany in the end of 2011 and then I had it stored to the start of 2012.

    Car was chipped by MTM, which turned out to be a bit of pita. More about that later.

    Car has the following equipment:

    Full sport interior with electrical seats.
    Dual zone climate control
    Heated seats
    Xenon lights
    Telematics system which did not work anymore - So I bought a stock Audi Bluetooth module and fitted that instead of the Telematik unit. Works like a charm.
    Walnut tree interior.
    Audi Sound system, but I changed that for a BOSE sound system instead. Was a bit of a pita to change the wiring, but it worked out great in the end
    I'm missing the cruise control but I bought one from Kufatec. That will be installed very soon, pictures to come.
    Multi function leather steering wheel.
    Symphony II radio - I'm considering getting a RNS-E navi system since the car already has GPS etc. from the Telematik unit. But currently my good old Garmin will have to do.

    My stage 3 builds is actually almost complete, just need to sort that last mapping.

    Here is a bit of info, will try and take some more pictures of the parts and the car.

    Wagner Exhaust manifolds

    Wagner Intercoolers - Only had to trim the carbon air intake ducts a bit and everything else was a perfect fit.

    Wagner 3" SS downpipes with sports cats - I had to cut and weld the right downpipe so it would clear the gearbox bracket, but besides that it fitted perfect.

    The rest of the exhaust was changed with a Jetex Exhaust system in 2.5". Only adjustment to this was that I had to add reduction so it would fit over the downpipes and adjust the total length. (Pictures to come).

    KO4 turbo's - Here is a couple of pictures when had to pull the engine.

    All the small bits and bobs

    034MS 89mm MAF housing with OEM RS4 hose - Drilled a small hole in the RS4 hose and stuck a rubber gasket in it to accommodate the stock PCV hose.
    DW300 fuel pump - Still needs to be installed, more pictures to come.
    Bosch EV 550cc injectors - With stock o-rings at the bottom and S2 injector clips. The S2 injector clips makes it easier to turn the injectors a bit so there is room for the electrical adaptors.
    Forge Motorsport silicone hose
    034MS throttle body hose - The forge wont fit under the stock cover.
    RS4 intakes pipes
    RS4 Clutch
    Brand new stock items: N75, MAF, DV's, EGT's,

    I'm converting to 2.0 TFSI coils, more about that when I get it done.

    Regarding the MTM chip then it turned out that it had a crypto socket.

    Since my plan was to use Nefmoto flasher to change the software I had to do something. I found these nice things form a shop in germany

    Then I just had to solder the new chip onto the small board and flash it with my Galletto cable and then everything was good again. But bloddy annoying with the MTM crypto socket.

    A bit of info about the suspension and brake setup:

    I'm running stock dampers with H&R 40/40 lowering springs.

    Regarding the brakes this is pretty stock at the moment, running Zimmerman 312x30 discs with stocks pads. Boring[facepalm][facepalm]

    Any suggestions to a front brake upgrade that will look like stock but give me better stopping power?

    Also a 200km/h when going to freeway curves the car feels a bit sluggish. Is there any whiteline ARB or similar for the A6 to stiffen it up a bit?

    Well here is a couple of pictures of the car with the old summer rims from MTM. However I ended up changing them to a set of OEM Audi S6 C5 wheels so it would look a bit more like a sleeper.

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    A6 Avant 2.7t Stage 3

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    Desolder that socket lifting thing and solder a chip on.
    Job done.

    Edit: NVM, you already did it.

    How is the tuning going? Which software are you using as base? 551K? -


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      You've done 4 mods I was planning to do, wagner kit and jetex exhaust, how does it sound and how is the wagner kit?


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        Also the TFSI coils, I was going to get the 034 convert kit, have you installed them yet?


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          What's the point of the TFSi coils on the RS4 / 2.7?


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            ICM or ignition ampliers are a common point of failure, TFSI coils mean you can delete them, same as the S2 setup


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              BTW lovely car!!! whats the colour? it looks the same as mine!


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                Originally posted by Jamo View Post
                ICM or ignition ampliers are a common point of failure, TFSI coils mean you can delete them, same as the S2 setup
                Are they? Haven't seen any failed ones yet, but OK.

                I'd rather get new ones and get new original coils, than to make everything look like crap and have dirt get in there.

                It's not like they are stupid money either - 34 EUR a pop for BERU ones.
                Also, don't forget dwell time remap to 2.5ms, original dwell time is quite high.


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                  Yes but for how long have you followed up these 100+++ cars?
                  You are looking at them at one instance, usually the mapping session where the customer tries to make sure that the car runs perfect for you to map. But the owner lives with the car for likely many years.

                  I had to change the pos on mine once at least with a fresh new set of 5 as I couldn't be bothered to look for the faulty ones. Went to ls2 coils and never looked back.

                  There is my 2p

                  PS: then again you have owned an i5 for many years and have good personal experience anyway

                  sent using the force


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                    New coils and ICM are really expensive even in Germany with my 25% it still adds up to way more then doing the conversion.

                    Anyhow did the conversion and I will post some pictures later.

                    I only used 034MS adaptors and then I just cut, spliced and soldered my way out of the rest.
                    The car is Dolphin grey.

                    Did not know about the dwell, I will get that adjusted to 2.5ms.
                    Sleeper S2 Avant +450

                    A6 Avant 2.7t Stage 3

                    Audi S2 Coupe RS2'ed


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                      Ohh well back to topic

                      Here are some pictures for when I did the coil conversion.

                      The old coils

                      I mounted the 034 adaptors using some silicone sealent to make sure not water could get in the there.
                      JUst dont use a silicone sealent with has a glue element in it
                      Lets just say that I dont need the bolts to hold the brackets in place.

                      2.0 TFSI coil

                      Let the soldering begin:

                      Sleeper S2 Avant +450

                      A6 Avant 2.7t Stage 3

                      Audi S2 Coupe RS2'ed


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                        Originally posted by Jamo View Post
                        You've done 4 mods I was planning to do, wagner kit and jetex exhaust, how does it sound and how is the wagner kit?
                        I love the sound of the Jetex, not to boomy when you drive around and has a real nice sound when you floor it.

                        Also the wagner downpipes and exhaust manifolds are a piece of beauty

                        The wagner downpipes will fit the A6 C5 but I did have to do some cutting and welding since it was fouling the gearbox.,

                        I have the smaller wagner IC's and I think they work ok, but I was seeing close to 60 degrees at first when doing three 4th gear pulls in a row. But the Wagner RS4 intercoolers are much bigger but no room in the narrow body A6.

                        So then added some RS6 C5 fender liners and that lowered the temperature with 5 degrees.

                        I then removed the fog lights to get some more air into intercoolers and that lowered the temperature down to 50 degrees.

                        My latest purchase was a set of 034MS bipipes so I could run some water/meth injection. Was planning to run denatured alcohol and water in the windscreen washer bottle. I dont fancy using methanol since it hard to come by in denmark and also toxic.

                        Ofcourse the 034MS bipipes was not a direct fit. Had to modify the drivers side one by adding a bracket and changing the direction of DV outlet since it was hitting the dip stick. The passenger side pipe also got a bracket and the outlot for the intercooler had to be cut and welded to fit. Pictures to come.
                        Sleeper S2 Avant +450

                        A6 Avant 2.7t Stage 3

                        Audi S2 Coupe RS2'ed


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                          Top work! Can't believe this is your daily driver hehe, keep the updates coming


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                            Any updates?


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                              Yeah mapping is done now and got the bipipes mounted.

                              Best FATS time is 4 seconds, so I guess that is ok. The A6 is a heavy car

                              I'm in the progress of making a small tank for the water/alcohol mix.

                              I have attached a 3D pdf, bare in mind that is was just a quick mock-up
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                              Sleeper S2 Avant +450

                              A6 Avant 2.7t Stage 3

                              Audi S2 Coupe RS2'ed