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UrS6 - Airbag Light / Loom ?

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  • UrS6 - Airbag Light / Loom ?

    On my '97 UrS6 it has a driver's side and a passenger side airbag respectively.

    Above the three small auxiliary clocks of the dash console over the central air vents, there is a small bank of warning lights. One of them has an airbag warning symbol in the bulb hole.

    On my car it is empty and the loom does not have any wiring for an airbag check warning bulb. The loom has not been cut or doctored.

    Does anyone have any comments as the car did not get it's mot as it 'does not have an airbag warning check light showing on start up' ?

    I presume there was no airbag warning light facility fitted to European cars, but maybe they were for cars destined for the USA ?

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    I made a nice detailed response but when I went to post it, this NEW AND FREAKING NOT IMPROVED WEBSITE balled it.

    SO this is what you get:

    RS2'd 93 UrS4 5 spd sedan
    94 UrS4 V8 6 spd manual avant


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      On a 97 car it should have a airbag light which should light up and go out after its been started. Has someone removed the bulb to get it through a previous MOT? On my 96 car the light would take about a couple minutes until it went out. I put a code reader on it and then cleared the codes and it now goes out as it should (cant remember if there were any codes but i didn't do any repairs)


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        Hi Shaun thanks for reply.

        On my car there is only a two bulb loom for these five light bulbs positions. The factory loom wrapping tape is still in position untouched or messed with.

        The natural length and 'curvature' of the wires dictate that the two respective bulbs go into the engine check light and the security key immobiliser slots. i.e. the two yellow light positions as per Dave's photo.
        There is no third bulb for the air-bag symbol slot.


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          Just remembered, I can check this on the three other UrS6 cars I have.

          Thanks Dave for your reply and links.


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            Our NAmerican C4 UrS cars have three working warning lights in this panel (Air bag, Check engine and Seat belt):

            When you remove the instrument cluster, say to access the ignition switch or replace the 1.2W bulbs with 2W bulbs, you need to twist out those three lamp holders (and probably 3 other connectors) so you can remove the cluster. The warning lights are colour coded with coloured triangle beside the lamp holder holes and coloured tape on the wires to the lamp holder. However, with age, the tape might have fallen off.

            I had this recent;y when I preemptively changed the ignition switch (in case it was the cause of my "hot" restart issue). (It wasn't). So I got out the Bentley and tracked down the wire colours. Just found the scrap of paper I wrote them down on and thought I better document this info before I throw out the paper:

            Left to right

            Air bag - Blue tape if it is still there, wires BL/R and W/Y

            Check Engine (MIL): Black tape if still there, wires BK/Bl and W/BL

            Seat belt warning light: Green tape if still there, wires BL/Y and BK/BL

            Hope this helps somebody sometime.

            RS2'd 93 UrS4 5 spd sedan
            94 UrS4 V8 6 spd manual avant


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              My bad.

              A few months ago when I had the clocks console fully out of the car to replace a number of the dash bulbs, I put the air-bag light back into the engine check light hole 'mistakenly' which is adjacent to the air-bag light hole.

              The reason for this is that the little twisted wire that secures the loom to the back of the clocks between the two big clocks - speedo and rev counter, i.e. when I put it back together I didn't 'pull' the big wrapped loom over enough before securing it, thereby making the loom for the air-bags too 'short' to go into the correct air-bag hole.

              As Dave pointed out, the holes and the tape on each of the six warning light bulb holders are colour matched which I completely failed to notice first time around. doh !!!

              The reason I realised I must have put it into the wrong hole was that the other three UrS6's had an air-bag light when I checked them and not an engine check light.

              Thanks to those that replied.