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    I decided that I would make a project thread for my car on here.
    Backstory, I bought a 1994 Emerald Green UrS4 back in February of this year. I looked almost everything other day on different sites for over five years trying to find one, and one day it showed up. I bought the car not to much longer and was excited to finally be behind a turbo 5cyl as I have had several 10v and 20v N/A Audi's in the past. After only two weeks my car was stolen out in front of my house, only to be found a month later upside down and trashed. As you can imagine I was pissed! The search was back on.

    Back in July I found another one located in Arizona. After some talking with the owner I made the plans and was on a plane to pick up the car.
    As soon as I saw the car I was super happy. I said that I didn't really care at this point, I'm buying the car and hoped that it would make it the 1,300 mile trip back home.
    Long story short, Made it back home without a single problem. I didn't get into boost that much because it was an unfamiliar car in unfamiliar land, but since I got it back home I have driven the car hard at times. The interior is in pretty good shape. The seats have the normal 22 year old wear and tear but no major rips which is nice. Heated seats work, and work fast. Electric seats all work even though I didn't try the memory seats. Everything seems to be functioning quite nicely, except for the A/C. The paint is good on the sides, but super faded on the top, but the body is straight with only a small dent by the passenger corner.

    As the car sits now Sept. 2017:

    -FMIC (Not sure what brand or anything)
    -Turbosmart Boost controller
    -Coil upgrade (I believe 034)
    -Possible Hoppen (mtm) Stage 1 tune
    -Strömung 3" Turbo back exhaust
    -Samco silicone hoses

    -LL Tek front valance.
    -Porsche 993 front brakes
    -Drilled rear brakes (Not sure on brand of pads)
    -Set of Oettinger type RE wheels
    -Second set of five SSR GT3 wheels

    -Euro S2 steering wheel
    -Halmeter AF30 Air/Fuel Ratio gauge
    -Ebay Audi Sport shift boot and knob
    -Stewart Warner Boost Gauge (Where the stock clock use to be)
    Picking the car up. Getting some petrol. It was more like 115 degrees, bu still super hot! Porsche 993 brakes.

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    Thanks for updating us over here, I remember reading about the car being stolen. Put a secret easy to operate cut out switch on this one just to be sure.

    Good to see you've 'recovered' from the theft and have been able to / want to buy another one.

    Nice spec.

    You could always leave the paint as is to discourage any unwanted attention, but it may grate on you too much to be 'that' much of a sleeper.

    Dave's monthly reminder

    is a useful thing to bookmark. He puts the same reminders on here and contributes to our car lives over here also.

    Looking forward to your updates.



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      I have been thinking about a cut out switch ha.
      I love these cars, even though I have only had two. Took me over five years to find one somewhat locally so I was motivated.
      Im not to worried about the paint. The sides are nice so I don't really see to much of it.

      However, I took my front bumper off over the weekend to fix a crack. I have the LL Tek lower valance. It was my first time using fiberglass and bondo. Anyway it turned out alright but yesterday I get a text that a friend of my parents accidentally hit the front of my car! Of course when my front bumper is off it gets hit and my first thought were front mount and the radiator. Luckily its a small dent below the grill and the plastic center piece that sits on top of the bumper. I was super pissed that it happened but all things consider its not that bad.

      Im going to try and stay OEM and not use plastic repair and/or bondo. If anyone has any input on where to get a new piece or the best way to repair it please let me know!


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        You were very lucky not to have sustained more damage
        Greg Administrator & Webmaster

        '93 Coupe with a few tweeks


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          No kidding. It was a truck that hit me and it's a good thing it's so high off the ground. It all cosmetic damage as far as I can tell so far. I have been driving it around and haven't had any issues!


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            Quick update. I got my shift boot and shift knob in a couple weeks ago. I think it adds to the car and the sportiness! I also got some parts in this last week, Euro tail lights. Super stoked to get them put in!