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Polyurethane bushes on the steering tie rods

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  • Polyurethane bushes on the steering tie rods

    Hi Guys,

    I've recently installed brand new tie rod ends on my C4 and couple of weeks later the bushing on the inner end got perrished and now it is knocking badly. And because we have near by couple of guys who produce custom polyurethane bushes I got the idea to remove both rods and send them to get the bushes replaced with PU.

    However I have some concenrns and wanted to check if anyone has did this already.

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    IIRC the chap who used to make delrin bushes for the subframes etc made some for here, and also I reckon Error404 made up some for his own car, but my memory is a little hazy on that


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      I checked with the first guy that produces PU bushes and he was like - What? Steering rods? No, no, no! We don't deal with steering components!
      I just found that Powerflex have those in production:
      I'll ask the local dealer for a quote and probably will order them.
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        Oh cool, nice find, when I looked a while back, they definitely didn't have them as a product


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          I'm running PU bushes there for few years now. Can't say how much was the improvement as it was just a part of things I did for suspension at the time, but it definitely feels good and had no issues.


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            You can use PF steering rod bushes from C3/V8.


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              I've ordered the bushes already. Unfortunatelly most of the part dealers here do not sell those tie rods anymore. I got a set of rods from a lockal braker and will get them sandblasted and powdercoated so they will look brand new.


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                The tie rod bushing from Powerflex work.
                You to buy the ones for a c3/v8 chassis car.


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                  Just got them in the mail.

                  And installed
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