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  • Next urS6 project

    Dear all ,

    I am gathering parts for the a new urS i bought . So , the list is like this :

    - turbobandit tb60-02 billet
    - wagner sq manifold
    - I beams
    - Sump baffle plate from Thuppu
    - 1 x Bosch 044
    - victor reinz gasket kit
    - vems v3 pnpn
    - all arp stuff
    - 1100 cc bosch injectors ( i will search the code ) but i think they are too big for the new setup
    - dqt gearbox as the one on the car has wide 1'st and 2'nd and its bloody short ( 6'th gear@3000rpm it has 110km/h. Max speed @6500rpm is 220 -225 )
    - kevlar clutch kit with aby flywheel
    - a secondary aan head ( machined, valve seats done , tested to 6 bar with boiled water , etc ). Do not know the status of the existing one .
    - new downpipe and exhaust

    I would need some advice on the the following :
    - intercooler size to fit under the bumper
    - oil cooler
    And any other advice you people consider that have to be done