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Clutch advice for URS4 please.

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  • Clutch advice for URS4 please.

    Hello.. I am fairly sure the clutch in my S4 is getting near the end of its life. It hasn't slipped under hard driving yet but it grabs right up the top of the pedal. I had it slip once when trying to semi launch it. So being in NZ no parts stores or Audi keep any clutch kits or parts. This has led me to look at Ebay, i see the prices are very fair compared to what i was thinking they were going to cost. A few names of available brands are:
    KUPP Stage 1 and Stage 3
    FX Stage 1 and Stage 3
    GF Premium
    LUK Repset
    PPC HD Kit
    UFC Stage 3.

    My car is fairly standard with a 3 inch exhaust (no cats) and a 1 bar wastegate spring. I have future hopes of adding a stage one chip and associated boost increase in the future (and do enjoy driving hard). Has anyone tried or have any tips on the clutch kits above? The pedal on mine is getting heavy (as i has also read they do when clutch is worn) Im not keen on anything much heavier to operate. Is one of the Stage 3 items still reasonable to use daily? Am i totally on the wrong path?! I work for a company in NZ that import classic american cars in containers and could use that to save on the expensive (twice the clutch kit price) freight. Just need to know what to choose.

    Thanks in advance, Kevin

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    While I don't know of any of the brands I do know of LUK which is oem quality. So would be a safe bet. Other's will know more.

    The one thing I am familiar with is if your car is RHD and it has an old heavy clutch you run the risk of the bracket holding the clutch pedal braking. Audi didn't do a good job of making the RHD 'pedal box' compared a LHD car.

    It can be fixed in situ but it is awkward and you do need to be flexible to lie on your back with your head in where your feet normally about

    There is a thread on about this issue.

    HTH somewhat.


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      Thanks, I have heard that. I thought it was the clutch pedal itself that was the weak link. Will investigate said thread! I see FCP Euro (states) has SACHS clutch kits on clearance. That may be a better option..


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        When I did the gearbox conversion from Automatic to Manual.I acquired the Pedal assembly from Audi 100 donor car.they were made of steel not aluminum pedal.I don't know if they are the same as original pedal assembly.I have Sachs 3pucks SRE which is the heaviest clutch I ever experienced,the pedal is still holding fine but i'm going to take the SRE off soon.i cant stand with such heavy clutch on poor traffic in Thailand lol.
        one of a few I5 from Asia.