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B3 2.0 Semi breaking.

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  • B3 2.0 Semi breaking.


    The time has come and I have a new workshop with loads of room so I can get on with this project.

    I have a very straight but slightly tatty B3 quattro Saloon which is going to re-home the good bit's from my S2 as well being made super light weight, we're talking no ABS or under-seal on this one!!!:devil:

    It's got a cracking 2.0 8V Short Stroke Engine...Code 3A, which has covered around 150K miles and is running really well, got the the K-Jet functioning properly!

    So if anyone wants the the engine it's theirs for £300, minus ancillary's. I sold the last one of these I had for considerably more to a MK2 Golf fanatic who has since let it sit in his shed for the past five years.:razz: This can be driven as the car is still on the road for a while. Nothing from the drive train is for sale as yet.

    The Exhaust is in great shape so I'd probably want £100 for the lot including the cat.

    The Sunroof is being removed, it's manual but works great. £50.

    Currently sporting some choice dark colour velour seats from a B3 Coupe back and front, these came from a LHD car so the UK offside is in excellent shape. £80 for the lot.

    Grey Carpet in great shape, it hasn't started to break down into bits and shows no sign of doing so, £100.

    PAS pump, £100.

    Bomb, £80

    Boot Carpet in Black £40.

    Various switches and relays, from £5 up tp £50.

    Anything else please ask.
    1992 C4 100 2.8 Avant quattro, daily driver.
    1989 B3 2.0 (for now) quattro.
    1996 C4 2.8 30V quattro.
    1990 3B Offically dead.
    1995 RS2, MTM K26/7, 340 BHP conversion. Wrapped in cotton wool.

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    I need body parts. Rear floor and rear wheel housing