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UrS6 coolant flush bleeding

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  • UrS6 coolant flush bleeding

    Summer is finally here so it's time to give my s6 a service.
    I want to flush and change the coolant. Is there a good thread on this anywhere with step by step instructions? What is the best way to fully flush the engine and not just the radiator and header tank?

    I know it should be a fairly easy task, but I know from experience an S2 is a pain to bleed properly and wondered if I should be aware of anything before I start.
    1995 Audi S2 Avant

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    Quattroworld forums has a good coolant flush procedure. Should be easy enough to look up in the FAQ there.

    Easy procedure.

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      If you want to flush completely you need to flush repeatedly with demineralised water, there is no way to flush completely in one go.

      I recommend you do not use a radiator flush, I used a radiator flush before I pulled my head and I found that the turbo return line (the steel line from beneath the turbo to the block) was completely blocked with debris.

      Bleeding is not an issue, remove the front hose at the head water manifold and fill, then fill the expansion tank. Then keep an eye on it for a few weeks.