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  • S4 wiring diagram app

    I made an application to display all infos on electrical systems of the S4 C4 (diagrams, tables and pictures, components lists and locations, pinouts, etc)
    it runs in any browser (chrome will work best) and requires no install, just a local web server (wich is very easy to setup)

    this is based on an old system, wich was used to document bimmers from about 2000 to 2010
    developed in 2005, it was made to run on IE5 and used Java, wich meant it could not be used anymore on modern browsers that block all java.
    recently I rebuilt it replacing all the Java stuff with proper javascript and it can now run locally with any browser, I also added search functions, in full text and by component id.

    as I now have all the setup, I figured I could make a version for my own cars, starting with the S4.
    I used diagrams from a PDF wich was complete but really painfull to use.

    so after much extraction, rework and cleanup, I repacked all the datas and there it is, nicely organised, diagrams easy to zoom and scroll (and print if needed), I also added lots of infos (mostly stolen to urS4boy), pictures of components locations, annotated views, etc, about 400 documents in total.

    if you want it, shoot me a MP for the download link !



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    Nicely done. It's nice to see new efforts being developed to disseminate service information for our old Audis.


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      Very nice send me a link if you want to.

      I was thinking of making similar to my 1991 s2 (3b)