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A4 allroad 2,0tdi 2013 dipstick?

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  • A4 allroad 2,0tdi 2013 dipstick?

    I have got a B8,5 Allroad 2,0 TDI 177bhp. I need an oil dipstick, as the level in the MMI varies and its just a faff using it.

    There isnt a part nr for a dipstick, so i got one for a 177bhp passat but its too short, barely even reaches the oil level (only get like 1mm of oil on it) So then i was advised by a mechanic to get one for a B8 170bhp A4.

    So i did, but its still only 4mm longer than the passat one. So its still too short or my MMI is telling big fat lies.

    Anyone know either of a correct length dipstick or knows exactly how long it should be so i can make my own?

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    I have an adjustable dipstick for these engines as the mmi is a faff when servicing. Basically it has an adjustable collar with a series of number above and below. Adjust the collar according to engine number and the corresponding number/height is shown by the oil mark. Easy


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      You wouldnt mind measuring how long it would have to be for me do you? The longer dipstick i bought does seem to be quite right. But i would lile to know exactly how far off it really is. Thanks

      Audi 80 Competition -94 Daily driver for more pic´s of my cars