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  • S2/RS2 Avant For Sale

    Reluctant sale, as there will not be another opportunity to get back in the game at the price point…

    Here is my 1995 Audi S2/RS2… 1995/M plate ABY Avant.

    If we start at the worst point, rather than sneak it in at the description at the end, It was written off as a cat c back in ’97… however thats where the story begins, as that was 20 years ago and the car has been back on the road continually since around 1998....

    It was then purchased by Quattrosports/Kim Collins who purchased it and rebuilt it back to being a roadworthy car, and ran it himself... Divisive in opinion, it can’t be denied Kim’s outstanding knowledge of the has been resprayed in Nogaro blue. The only real evidence of its previous colour( Dark blue) are under the carpets. Door shuts/under bonnet is all Nogaro blue.
    It has the addition of genuine RS2 front and rear bumpers, teardrop mirrors, front grill (rings missing) and rear reflector( cracked).

    Interior it RS2 recaro seats in black leather and all working ( no rips or tears, has RS2 door panels, with custom speaker pods built, RS2 dash clocks/binnacle, gear knob and steering wheel. It has the black door pulls/triggers and carbon fibre trim. Car has a sunroof - working but the control panel is loose with damaged clips. It has a fully working Clifford 600 alarm/immo with anti hijack.

    Running gear is an ABY engine with 6 speed box ( stock S2) Engine is running with an RS2 turbo,RS2 intercooler, airbox, RS2 inlet manifold,RS2 exhaust manifold, genuine RS2 ecu and finished with MTM remap. I am unsure as to cams…

    It has full RS2 brake set up, front and rear, with RS2 hubs and RS2 cup alloys - with the Audi ring centres. It has standard RS2 exhaust. Suspension has been lowered on H&R springs, with Koni shocks. The car certainly feels all there - as well as the 2 previous RS2’s I’ve had....

    Its probably as near to an RS2 as you can get without paying out for a genuine one…..

    QST/KC owned used the car for around 3-4 years, whereby a customer then purchased the car around 2001. It then has reams of service history, and various repair-work/remedial work carried out by Quattrosports/QST, all detailed with receipts and invoices until my purchase, which total around £25k.

    It has been looked after mechanically, but has suffered cosmetically with years of commuting fro Sussex to London,
    Since my purchase, It has been serviced by QST, which included a cambelt/waterpump. I have had new discs & pads all round. I have had a replacement S2 6 speed ABY box replaced, including new clutch and replacement flywheel.

    Mileage is currently 206k miles, but backed up with lots and lots of servicing records, indeed there are around £25 k in service/maintenance receipts - all QST....Being 22 years old, one can arguably say its wearing average mileage for the year….
    Its currently MOT’ed until March ‘18.

    I have had the brake callipers cosmetically refreshed, the Cup alloys have been refurbished and have good michelin pilot sports all round.

    Current status - well its been with a a body work guy who i use, who was giving it a light refresh. a front end bonnet/bumper respray, rear bumper respray, and chips on the mirrors attended to. Its still sitting in the workshop waiting to be done , however, I am now thinking it could be an opportunity for a new owner to finish the cosmetics themselves… as I have overrun my timeframe I wanted it done by.

    I was intending to refresh the cam cover/inlet manifold with some powder coating ( as per one of my previous RS2’s)
    and in preparation for this have a Cam cover/inlet manifold gasket set, a plastic inlet manifold pipe, and a set of Samco boost hoses in white.

    Front fog lights have some cracks, but i have a replacement set in excellent condition.There is also a plastic load liner for the boot.

    So there we have it - a pretty damn near RS2 replica, in Nogaro blue….with all the desirable genuine sought after RS2 “bits”

    Price - well now this may be contentious… we all know RS2’s have had a great uplift with the classic status reached, as have S2’s.

    I would hate the car to get broken and sold for bits, but understand the worth of parts given the scarcity of them, bearing in mind its a great driving car with the RS2 look.
    This could quite easily be someone’s pride and joy with a little cosmetic work, as was my plan.

    Price - looking at recent/past cars on the market, bearing in mind it’s a complete road going everyday car, that drives as it should, bearing in mind it’s history and potential being completed, or parts worth, and still being left with a usable Avant, I am pitching it at ~£14,350, and am open to discussion.

    As a longstanding member,I would appreciate no negative comments/sniping/thread crapping.
    please contact me via PM or on

    Pics to follow....

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      GLWS, shame to see you are selling. Will be a good car for someone though
      Greg Administrator & Webmaster

      '93 Coupe with a few tweeks


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        Great car , perfect base for a very useable rs/s
        Good luck with the sale
        S2 Cabriolet.........


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          An RS2, for all intents and purposes, for £14k? Sounds like a bargain to me!!
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            Cant believe you are parting with it mate. Will be a bargain and a lot of car for someone. Hell after looking at Tiguan R-Lines for a new lease deal, this could be a helluva lot more appealing and likely a better investment

            1992 3b S2 Coupe


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              Value the responses made here. I have been a bit lazy in the sale of this... Had a few enquiries, no viewings as yet.
              I have a few more recent pics i have taken, and a walk around video from phone. Will add to thread tomorrow.
              Pricewise - it is open to negotiation.


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                You do not have permission to view this gallery.
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                  Added a couple more pics...
                  A bit more interest but nothing firm on this...
                  Might we’ll have to go the eBay route
                  Theres certainly room for offers in the asking price.
                  I personally be loathe to break the car, as it deserves better; you would also be hard pushed to find another with the complete current spec... and just as hard to build another...
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                    This is booked in for paintwork to be remedied in a couple of weeks time...will be available for viewing in a new location in the North West afterwards.
                    Pics to follow.


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                      First chance Ive had in several weeks to get a run out in the car... Also managed to squeeze in a last minute MOT slot today, and came away with a fresh 12 months ticket on her


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                        Have you received my pm's and text?


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                          Bump from the depths..
                          For more exposure I'm tempted to list on ebay....
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                            I have a friend looking for a special car. I shall give him a try for you.
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                              Lots of enquiries. Not one viewer...
                              Im sure whoever looks would be tempted by it...
                              Has the looks, and drives well...