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Amethyst Grey Audi RS2 for sale

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  • Amethyst Grey Audi RS2 for sale

    Edit: The car is now sold.

    After 4 years of restoring and caring for my RS2, I have decided that it is time to move on, so I am offering my RS2 for sale. After investing so much work and time, I feel that the car has become too precious and too exclusive to be driven the way I was hoping for when I initially bought it.

    This is an original Audi RS2 with a lot of work invested to bring it as close to perfect condition as possible.

    Here is a list of what has been done:

    - Engine: Completely overhauled (new timing belt, water pump, oil pump, camshaft timing chain, piston rings, crankshaft bearings, connecting rod bearings, gaskets, injectors, spark plugs, all filters and fluids etc.)
    - Engine bay: most parts new or restored (new AC compressor and pipes, restored engine cover, new air guides, new exhaust manifold)
    - Suspension: all parts new or restored to factory condition, powerflex bushes, KW stainless steel suspension
    - Brakes: completely restored, as new
    - Exhaust: new, full length stainless steel
    - Bodywork: new paint, new lower door moldings, new front and tail lights (original), new emblems
    - Underside: completely restored, re-coated and repainted, no rust
    - Interior: original, very good condition, roof liner is restored
    - Wheels: original wheels and caps, completely restored, new tires
    - Front and tail lights: new, original
    - Extras: Sunroof, full leather interior, cruise control, climate control

    No tuning. Almost everything is original, with minor exceptions (stainless steel exhaust and stainless steel KW suspension).

    Pictures of restoration works are available, lots of invoices and documentation available.

    EU registration. If you want to come and see the car, transfer to/from airport possible. Transport to Germany and other EU countries possible for an extra fee upon request.

    New price: €38950, offers are accepted, but can't really go much lower than this as at this level I already loose thousands invested in restoration.

    More information, FAQ and many more pictures including those from restoration time are available here:


    I have lowered the price, but the car is much better than the price. I have turned down some offers and I feel I need to add this explanation. Here is how my car is different from a typical < €40k eur car on for which you will have to fix most of the same things eventually:

    * Restored roof liner with original Alcantara matching original color 1:1 at a professional shop €1000
    * New lower door trim pieces €1000 parts + labour
    * New aircon compressor and many pipes from tradition shop €1500+ value
    * New coat of paint €3000+
    * All new lights, no cracks, no yellow reflectors €1500
    * Underside completely restored, new suspension, new bushes, new high quality exhaust, restoration of protective cover and coat of paint a total of €5000+
    * Engine is overhauled professionally - dismantled, everything changed, measured, put together, cost was astronomical, stopped counting after €7000+
    * Restored wheels and brakes + new tires
    * Hundreds of screws and plastic parts swapped to new ones, tiny parts, but each costing money if you buy oem

    Is it worth saving €2-€3k and getting a beat-down car where you have to fix all this eventually? Not sure, but I have had to turn down some offers from people comparing price of my car with some of the cheapest available RS2 examples needing a lot of work.
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    Looks a lovely car. GLWTS


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      Indeed a lovely car and price. GLWS


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        Hmm, looks in amazing condition, someone will be getting a great example. GLWS

        1992 3b S2 Coupe


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          Nice story! Went throug the same progress...


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            As I can no longer keep the car just standing and not being used, I've decided to take a sizeable loss and facilitate interest by lowering the price of my fully restored, clean car to match the prices of worn-out in-need-of-repairs examples.

            Apparently most people hope that buying a bottom-of-the-market example and fixing it up is a good strategy. Unfortunately I have learned my lesson, so here you have it - close to bottom-of-the-market price for a fully restored car.

            My friends all say - "you are crazy, keep the car, U.S. market opens, prices will rise etc.", I will think about it, but for now this offer is here.


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              beautiful car, dont sell it!
              - 1995 BLACK S2 ABY


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                After some low offers, price dropped closer to the level where interest lies, offering now at €38950.


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                  Further price drop to € 37500, now officially the best deal in EU. Fully restored RS2 in almost-as-new condition for peanuts. Light years better than any other RS2 for sale an this price range.

                  All those interested, but too afraid or lazy to come and see the car, because it is so far away, please don't. For the discount you get, you can buy plane tickets, I will transfer you to to/from airport and buy you a beer and a dinner, and insured transport to your door with a reputable trailer company will be less than 1k€.