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Audi 100 2.8 V6 Quatttro Avant, Nice Car With a load of Spares

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  • Audi 100 2.8 V6 Quatttro Avant, Nice Car With a load of Spares

    Right, I have to thin out my flock so to speak so as I've shifted a VW an Audi can go next.

    I had major plans for this car as was going to keep it as a load lugger, she's a 1992 J plate 100 Avant quattro with the 176 BHP 2.8 V6 Motor which I've fully serviced, new plugs, filters belts etc. Runs perfectly, nice amount of power and loads of torque.

    Good point's I've fitted a complete new clutch which was quite a job.
    Bodywork is generally rust free apart from the wings... As always and their not that bad.
    Rust free fuel tank.
    De Catted as the old ones were collapsing and causing power loss
    New Front Shocks, top mounts, bump stops and lower arms
    All the clocks and instruments work.
    Low miles, around 120K
    Tow bar.
    Sat on 3B S2 Rim's with brand new rubber, though the original wheels will be included
    All the engine plastics are present.
    The battery cover is undamaged.
    Has it's under-tray and floor Aero dynamic cover.
    Fuel lines are rust free.
    Good history, mostly Audi.
    New front brake's, discs and pads.
    The hand brake calipers work.

    Bad points,

    The front wings.
    One or two very small dents.
    The colour may put some people off, personally I like it, it's an odd colour, almost light metallic blue but with more depth.
    Front carpet has been cut down the side of the seats to install 90's sound equipment and a car phone. Can't be seen but is annoying.
    Saggy headlining.
    Flaps in heater box don't direct the air very well any longer.

    Will come with stacks of spares, too much to list here but Including the main carpet and a decent heater box.

    £2K with a fresh MOT.

    Photo's to follow when it stops raining.

    1992 C4 100 2.8 Avant quattro, daily driver.
    1989 B3 2.0 (for now) quattro.
    1996 C4 2.8 30V quattro.
    1990 3B Offically dead.
    1995 RS2, MTM K26/7, 340 BHP conversion. Wrapped in cotton wool.

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    is this sold ??

    any pictures yet
    thank you