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Audi S2 ABY for sale.

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  • Audi S2 ABY for sale.

    Sadly after 8 years ownership I am looking to sell my Audi S2 ABY. I am no longer in a position to give it the care and attention it deserves. The MOT is due on 13th June 2020 and my intention is to sell the car with 12 months MOT. I bought the car in 2012 with 97k miles and it is now on 125k miles. It has always been parked in a locked garage. The car is as follows :-

    January 1995 Audi S2 ABY 6-speed in Byzantian (Purple).
    Factory fitted Steel tilt/slide sunroof.
    Full black leather interior with Recaro electric front seats.
    Carbon dash and door inserts.
    Air Conditioning - non digital.
    Ski slot.
    5 x 16" AVUS alloy wheels and new tyres.
    TOAD Cat 1 alarm.
    3 x keys.

    During my ownership, the following work has been done on the car :-

    Car serviced by QR Sport immediately after I purchased the car.
    Car regularity maintained by RT Sport to include :-
    New Clutch,
    New suspension struts (springs were fine).
    New suspension bushes.
    New 'bomb'.
    New brake master cylinder.
    Reconditioned front brake calipers.
    New secondary radiator.
    Reconditioned power steering pump.
    Replacement Silicone coolant and boost hoses from PFS Parts.
    Cam belt, water pump and thermostat.
    Modified RS2 ECU.
    Custom stainless steel exhaust made by Longlife (including 2 x sports cats). Lifetime guarantee with the exhaust.

    Parts replaced by myself :-
    Flexi brake lines with HEL items.
    Brake discs and pads as necessary (tried grooved and dimpled, but standard seemed better).
    Oil cooler.
    Door bottom rubber strips.
    All 5 AVUS alloy wheels refurbished soon after I purchased the car.
    K&N Air filter.
    New battery.

    I have tried to keep on top of maintenance of the car as much as possible, but the bigger jobs I have passed to RT Sport. There are a few marks on the body, but no rust, but please bear in mind the car is 25 years old and has been used on a regular basis. I would say the interior of the car is in very good condition. Everything works as it should - all gauges and the dash information panel has no dead pixels. I have replaced the radio with a Panasonic Bluetooth enabled DAB/CD head unit.
    I have had the car Dyno tested since the ECU was replaced, and have the paperwork to show the car is producing 260 bhp (I have the documentation to confirm this).
    I also have spares including various trim panels, door rubbers, some seat fittings, new A/C condenser, Instrument panel (had previously been dismantled and some parts removed) and various other small fittings.
    The car had an advisory regarding fuel lines on last MOT, but one of the pipes failed recently. The car is currently having the 3 fuel lines replaced with new items. Once I have the car back, then I will be looking to sell the car with a full 12 months MOT. The spares will be included with the car.
    The car has not been subject to any insurance, or otherwise, repairs since I have had the car. It passed HPI check when I purchased it.
    I am sure I have forgotten to include something, but if there is any interest in the car, then please ask. I have seen some of the prices these are going for, but at this stage, I am gauging interest.

    Thank you for looking.
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    Need a price matey and pics would be good


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      Sounds a nice car. You need to put a price as per forum rules
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        Fair enough - was trying to guage interest first though. Looking at what is around, I know it is not the best out there, but by the same token, is in very good condition. Bearing this in mind, I would like to think somewhere near £10k, but am open to sensible offers.

        Update to description - both subframes, and wherever else I could get to, have been Dinitrol'd.
        Radio is Panasonic DEH-X8500DAB. Additional speakers already fitted into parcel shelf when I purchased the car. All speakers in the car work.

        Photographs are the ones used as I had agreed value insurance. Once car comes back from fuel line repair, then I can upload current photos as necessary. Steering wheel in the photo replaced with correct S2 item.

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          That looks like a very nice car with a high spec. Good luck with your sale. I am so tempted but I must finish the projects I have first.
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          Wr Ur Quattro (also in restoration)


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            if its a 95 shouldnt it have the newer style back seats?
            ABY Cricket Green Pearl Coupe, blk leather


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              No, not when it's equipped with Recaros.


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                Nice looking motor should sell at the price you want I reckon, best colour too


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                  Originally posted by Nuvo View Post
                  No, not when it's equipped with Recaros.
                  Nice one matey
                  ABY Cricket Green Pearl Coupe, blk leather