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1995 RS2 Ragusa Green

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  • 1995 RS2 Ragusa Green

    For Sale Audi RS2 1995 £45,000

    Up for sale is my gorgeous and totally original Audi RS2, you will possibly know about this iconic Audi RS, one of just 180 RHD units, with a few of those also going to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, built from 1994 to 1996. Quite a rare car now as there are only around 75 left in the UK.

    This one is not blue but Ragusa green (the fastest one), non-sunroof model and in lovely condition, it is showing 116,000 miles, I have owned the car for over 4 years and in that time it has covered 11,000 miles including a trip down to Monaco 2 years ago to go to the F1GP, covering 2,500 miles in 5 days. Last Summer it underwent an extensive refurbishment underneath, to include all suspension, driveshafts, wheels hubs, brake calipers, new discs, pads, dust shields, CVs, shocks, springs, wheel bearings, subframes, bushes, brake lines and all fuel lines, ARBs, drop links, control arms, wishbones etc. This work can be seen on the attached link, see here:

    These cars are very easy to polish and make them shine like a diamond but you really need to get to look underneath as they are easy to hide a multitude of sins, as you see mine is now good for at least another 15 to 20 years. Also done recently are the cam belt, water pump and tensioner, all auxiliary belts (alternator, steering pump and air conditioning) were changed in November last year, it has a Miltek exhaust and a Pioneer hands free radio fitted, which I believe are the only non-standard parts on the car. The leather interior is in very good condition with no rips or tears and no sagging squabs, everything is in order as is the carbon trim with no cracks or scratches. All servicing and any other work in my ownership have been carried out by Dialynx. The headlining’s on these RS2`s is also susceptible to drop over the 20 odd years of life, I have just had a brand-new headlining fitted at great expense. New battery and re-cored auxiliary radiator fitted 2 years ago. The tyres all have between 6mm and 7mm tread left on them. It has a comprehensive service history with all original MOT certificates which verifies the mileage over its life. Factory fitted immobiliser with two fobs and three keys, a full original service pack with Owner manual.

    Having said how nice it is, this car is not a garage queen and is used and driven as it should be and to add there are one or two areas that that might actually show that the car is 25 years old but these do not detract from its great condition. There are a few stone chips on the front end and the small trim on the bottom of the doors might need to be re-newed sometime in the future, however these trims are now obsolete but available from other sources, they do not detract from the overall look of the car. I hope that sums up my car, I have been very honest and would expect lots of enquiries if you are genuinely interested. This is probably the best RS2 for sale at this time, nothing as good as this overall condition and is priced to sell at £45,000

    I have put the private plate on retention, therefore the reg has now reverted to its original which is M860 BEX.

    If you have no intention of buying, then please don’t waste my time and yours and no P/Ex.

    This is a very genuine car, it wants for nothing, it has never let me down and Im sure it will make its new owner very happy.

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      Very Very Nice ! GLWS


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        Thanks, as the RS2 increases in value (yes i know they are crazy at the moment) then it appeals only to a much smaller audience of buyers but i will stick with it for a few more weeks. Its in the same kind of ball park figure as many others on the market but i know mine is in much better condition than all the others at that price (plus it doesnt have the "blue" tax) and wont need anything else spent on it.


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          Bumpety Bump