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1995 S2 AVANT ABY In Black (Spares/Repair/Project)

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  • 1995 S2 AVANT ABY In Black (Spares/Repair/Project)

    For sale, reluctantly is my avant that I bought from Madpugger back in 2015.
    Long Story First (Violins playing in your head whilst reading) ***to the present if you don't want a long read***

    I had begun in slowly refurbishing parts and keeping it on the road- the usual...
    Last year I finally enlisted the local mechanic into working on the old girl when he was in between jobs on the farm and working on HGVs. I went by his advice to get bits done in the correct order and whatever was needed and was best- my way in keeping costs down on repair and focus more on the project as a whole.

    I got the cylinder head skimmed last year, the bottom end all polished, valve seats done, new spark plugs, new turbo, new water pump and the other water pump related thingy, new starter, water temp sensor, oil pressure sensor & new timing belts. (Things were going great)…

    The brakes needed done but I couldn't source wildwood callipers so I got them refurbished by a great chap called Richard Breakle at North East Brakes just along the road saving me a fortune and also got them bled and the discs skimmed with new pads...

    I had the car freshly M.O.T'D last May- just in time for the Fraserburgh Car Rally. I got her (the car) all dolled up for it but it sadly never made it!!!!
    This is where the alarm bells should have rang but they never...
    I was still trying to bed in the engine after the work but I kept having the problem of the engine cutting out shortly after fire up and low revs (but after running for 5 mins it was fine). I was giving it a test drive making sure it was fine the night before when I lost all steering and brakes...

    Fast forward to February (after being blanketed and put in the shed due to lack of time with work), I was able to replace the brake bomb myself I got good old Richard to get the brakes bled and we were operational. I got down to the local filling station for a full tank of super unleaded but never got back . After getting recovery truck to get her home a new fuel pump and cap which was the suspected culprit I got to work on her only to have electrical gremlins and find out there was nothing wrong with the pump (which wasn't whirring before) the search was on to find out what was wrong...

    I got my good friend who is a mechanic to help me trace the problem to the timing... The new belts were never fitted and the timing wasn't properly torqued and set .Half the valves are bent, there's bits of spark plug in the engine (going to need an overhaul) the bottom pulley's keyway is dust and it seems to be the final nail in the coffin for me...

    ***I don't want to throw away more money at it- still needs suspension freeing up and underneath freshening, the headlining is sagging, sourcing the rs2 door sills etc and getting the respray is what it needs to finish it off on top of the engine work...

    I have no idea what it is worth but I will be happy to get what I've spent on it last year- which is £3000. I bought it for 6k, I dare say it would be worth upwards of 12k once finished... If I wasn't so despondent & we weren't in this COVID thing I'd be working on it but I just don't want to take risks with my finances.
    A fine easy project for most of you on here but this time its too much for me...
    The more open to possibilities, the more opportunities open!

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    I even refurbished a lovely set of bbs rc for it if anyone's interested in them too?!??
    The more open to possibilities, the more opportunities open!


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      According to the GOV website its MOT expires on November 23rd.
      The more open to possibilities, the more opportunities open!


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        I tried uploading photos but it won't let me. If you want pictures PM me.
        The more open to possibilities, the more opportunities open!


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          I'm interested. Can you PM me pictures?


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            Really sorry John I've sold it to Tractor Dave.
            The more open to possibilities, the more opportunities open!


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              He PM'd me just 20 minutes before you. If I only had two of them...
              The more open to possibilities, the more opportunities open!


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                Ok dokey.


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                  if anyone else has a similar black b4 avant (project/spare) for sale I am looking. Thanks
                  - 1995 BLACK S2 ABY


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                    So, this old girl has arrived safely in Wales. I'm going to remove the head and see how much damage there is and hopefully fix her. It certainly is an interesting car
                    Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration
                    Wr Ur Quattro (also in restoration)