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1995 Audi S2 ABY Avant in Silver

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  • 1995 Audi S2 ABY Avant in Silver


    I'm reluctantly selling my Silver S2 Avant ABY 1995, after 11 years of ownership and twice before considering selling. It has provided much fun and many great days out but I have reached my limit on hunting out bugs or the cost of someone else doing this. As you can see further down the listing there is a breakdown of what work has been done over the years and the last few years it spent most of the time off the road running up a nice big bill toward rebuilding or say in dry storage. It has recently had the turbo rebuilt into a new housing, gearbox rebuilt and the top end of the engine rebuilt to only now have developed a fault with a hydraulic lifter and I have decided to call it quits. Part of me thinks i should have given up before the turbo/gearbox/top end work given I didnt get to drive for sometime but at least it has added value to the car.

    Price £10,000 ono.

    The good:
    • Full leather carbon interior, with AC and roof rails option
    • Many parts included (spare front bumper with some damage, replacement rear nearside window mechanism, fuel filter, probably some other bits still about too)
    • 3" exhaust from CAT
    • CAT has been cleared out recently and runs at about 1/10 required emissions
    • Relatively rust free (see 1st point under bad)
    • Turbo has been rebuilt into a new housing
    • Gearbox has been rebuilt and some gears replaced (1st gear could only be cleaned up as they couldn't find a replacement)
    • Recent CAM belt and new crank pulley (still no idea how the garage managed to split the old one taking it off)
    • Front shocks replaced with Bilstein (B6 I think)
    • Tandem pump replaced (used part, but I think I still have the other as spare to go with the car too)

    The bad:
    • Slight rust on one front wheel arch
    • Tandem pump (old and now new after being left standing) does have a judder through the brake pedal
    • 1st gear makes a noise but doesn't affect shifting or any other gears (have been told that this is because it was cleaned up not replaced)
    • Reversing lights don't come on (replaced the cable leading through the flexi in the boot door to no avail)
    • Dashboard lights are somewhat temperamental
    • Front wipers will occasionally stop and just need putting on full again to kick start them going again, warn part of mechanism
    • Heater resistor fuse has gone (replacement with the car just never fitted)
    • Heater bearing warn and can get noisy at times on full
    • Air con isn't cold, was at one point but doesn't get used enough to know when it stopped
    • Far side inside door handle doesn't quite bounce back to the right place (still functions without any issue and without any forcing etc just the little spring inside)
    • Far side control of front passenger electric window only allows close not open (faulty spade connector but not had chance to replace)
    • Near side rear electric window motor is dead (have replacement motor and mechanism but didn't want to risk breaking the glass when I tried sorting this and couldn't work out if there was any other way)
    • Far side front wing trim plastic missing (about 20cm part, possible part no 8AO 853 992B‎)
    • Front screen wash pump was replaced with one without the sensor (cable still in situ ready for new pump with sensor if it can be found)
    • Headlining has sagged and secured from getting worse but could do with refitting
    • Some scuffs, stone chips, etc from being a daily driver for years

    Service history, mostly only major parts here

    24 Apr 2011 - 167610 miles - Purchased
    Cam belt
    Water pump
    Cam sprocket
    V belts
    Oil and Filter
    Air filter
    Pollen filter

    26 Sep 2011 - 171169
    Front tyres

    4 Dec 2011 - 174362
    Oil pressure switch
    Fuel pump

    18 Feb 2012 - 177826
    Oil and filter
    Front wiper blades
    Tension alternator belt
    Bumper washer jet

    22 Apr 2012 - 178459
    Front rollbar drop link bars

    6 May 2012 - 181228
    Front brake pads

    20 Jun 2012 - 183036
    Front tyres

    13 Apr 2013 - 192108
    Oil and filter
    Back wiper blade
    Repair boot wiring
    FL CV Boot
    Front tyres
    Tension belts
    Spark plugs

    27 Aug 2013 - 196060
    Spark controler, power output stage plug

    23 Dec 2013 - 198941
    Clutch, arm, bearing, slave cylinder
    Exhaust bolts

    22 Mar 2014 - 201549
    Front tyres

    8 Apr 2014 - 202567
    Tracking, track rods

    8 Aug 2014 - 206528
    Top radiator hose, flush, red antifreeze

    21 Nov 2014 - 211345
    Front brake pads + discs
    FD CV Boot

    12 Dec 2014 - 212744
    4 tyres

    10 Feb 2015 - 202548
    O/S/R Wheel Bearing
    Oil and Filter
    Exhaust rubber mount

    21 Mar 2015
    Cross bolt in hydraulic pump

    14 Apr 15 - 219085
    Anti roll bar bush + drop link

    23 May 2015 - 220762
    Air filter

    30 Jun 15 - 222177
    Front OS Brake Hose

    30 Jul 15
    Wishbone NS F Lower
    CV boot NS F outer
    Break hose NSF upper

    4 Sep 2015 - 223991
    Wheel allignment

    10 Sep 20015 - 224488
    New plugs
    New pencil coil

    10 Oct 2015 - 226309
    Front tyres

    24 Nov 2015 - 228238
    Front ns wing
    Newish front pumper
    Respray whole ns and front

    10 Dec 2015 - 229128
    Front brake pads

    15 Jan 2016 - 230536
    Rear tyres

    5 May 2016 - 234031
    Front OS drive shaft
    Side light
    Back bakes
    EDT engine clean
    Oil filter + change
    Front screen wash pump (without level sensor)

    2 Aug 2016 - 236553
    Cam belt
    Water pump
    V belts
    Exhaust bolts
    Front most radiator
    Boot cut in cable
    Bulbs, Fuses

    25 Nov 16 - 240947
    Front tyres

    10 Dec 16 - 241499
    Oil filter, change
    Powerflex black front bushes

    5 Apr 17 - 244776
    Front OS wheel bearing
    Stainless Exhaust

    19 May 17 - 246423
    Brake hose F OS upper

    13 Jun 17 - 246807
    BR outer cv joint + boot

    14 Jul 17 - 247900
    Starter motor
    Air filter
    Oil filter + change
    Spark plugs

    18 Jul 17 - 247900
    Central locking pump

    1 Sep 17 - 249642
    2 Tyres

    16 Sep 17 - 250425
    Rear NS Outer CV Boot

    22 Sep 17 - 250673
    Alternator rebuild, stators inc

    30 Sep 17 - 250692
    Drain on alternator resolved

    24 Nov 17 - 253117
    Rear OS Wheel bearing

    Jan 18 - 29 Sep 18 - 255390
    Cylinder head - strip, pressure test, decoke, reline guides and valves, seats and resurface
    Cylinder Head Gasket
    Rocker Cover Gasket
    Exhaust Manifold Gasket Inlet Manifold Gasket Head Bolt Set
    Timing Belt
    Oil Filter
    Crank Pulley
    G12 Coolant
    Tandem pump
    OSF anti roll bar
    Front wipers
    Front bilstein shocks
    Fuel line replaced

    Sep 18 - 8 Aug 19 - 255406
    Rebuild crank pulley
    Redo cam belt and timing
    Engine speed sensor
    Turbo rebuild
    Cat cleanout
    Strip gearbox, replace roller bearings, spigot bearing
    Replacement rear diff shim
    Oil and filter

    August 19 to now
    In dry storage, getting turned over and rolled monthly only


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    Absolute bargain for someone. Sounds like you have done a lot of the hard work in getting the annoying jobs sorted. Good luck with sale.
    1995 Audi S2 Avant


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      Totally agree with Michael absolute bargain loads of history been cared for, hope it goes to an enthusiast


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        Great price bud sure it will sell fast, good investment as they are only going up now


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          Good luck with sale. I owned this car back in 2003


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            Still for sale after a couple of PMs that didn’t progress further.


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              Bump. Still for sale.


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                Shocked this hasn't gone bud, wish I had cash to invest


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                  Originally posted by Rikki Kitto View Post
                  Shocked this hasn't gone bud, wish I had cash to invest
                  Yep, this must be a bargain !

                  Isn't it only ~1812 built of this one ?
                  Anyone know how many RHD's ?