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  • 1z vacuum pump

    Hi there,

    My 80 tdi with a 1z engine is having another engine installed currently. I don't have the car here to see it, but my mechanic just called to say the plastic barbed coupler that comes off the top of the vacuum pump is broken. Does anyone know if spares are available, or perhaps have one intact they would be willing to sell? To buy a whole new pump seems ridiculous. Any help greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Not sure if they are available new but loads of vag engined cars (1.9 tdis) in the 90s to early 2000s have that same part,ford galaxy's/vw sharans/a4s/a6s,golf's,Seat ibiza/octavia etc etc etc


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      Thank you very much for your help Spink, it's hugely appreciated as I had no idea they were so widely used. I suspect I will be able to find one in my area in that case, whether new or through a breakers. Another user on the classic audi forum gave me a contact too so I should be sorted. Thank you again for your help!