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Thank you to Paul Goodwin and Ian Simmonds

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    I agree 100%, rebuilt my heater last month and having that guide was a huge help. Few points i would add,

    -Buy adhesive backed foam and recover all the flaps. My matirx was leaking for so long all the foam dissolved and got blown out the heater vents.
    -Remove the plastic pivots for the flaps and give them a good clean to remove the old sticky grease and reassemble with silicon grease. The heater controls will move much smoother after.
    -Those yellow and orange clips holding the cables in place are very brittle, be very careful removing them.

    I bought a Nissin element to replace mine and the fitment was not that great. The original Valeo unit would be a better option if you have the choice.
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      With my experience of nissen radiators I opted for Valeo as the fit was perfect. I didn't want to be replacing it again any time soon.

      Definitely regrease too.

      I used a neoprene material for the flaps which is working well
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