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  • 1z turbo upgrade

    Hi guys,

    A friend of mine has an audi 80 1.9tdi 1z and he wants to upgrade it "a bit". How can he adapt a 2.5TDI AEL turbo to it? What other components does he need for the management? He has a PD131 intake, the turbo is bolted on, but what else does he need to make it fully functional ?
    Thanks !

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    VNT software on 1z ecu or AFN ecu is plug and play(just immo off), remap , 2.5/3bar mapsensor (stock wil do fine for 150-160hp). AFN injectors (max 150-160hp) or .280 nozzles if he want to upgrade later to bigger turbo.

    .280 nozzles with stock 10mm injection pump = 210hp
    .280 nozzles with 11mm headpump = 240-250hp
    .280 nozzles with 12mm headpump = 270-280 hp

    but the first generation 1z engines are weak for performance (pistons, crankshaft shells, rod shells). rod/crankshaft shells can be replaced with afn sputter shells.

    pistons from afn or alh engine will fit also.
    (afn pistons max 210hp , alh pistons 230hp)

    or pd 100hp pistons with machined lowered cr you can do 300hp with the right setup