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034115611F - billet dipstick?

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  • 034115611F - billet dipstick?

    Hi Guys,
    running a small production run of these for the North American AAN community.

    I have outlined the options on FB but here they are again.

    I have 4 options here and would like feedback on which is the best course of action.

    OPTION 1: Similar to what I do for the 1.8T’s
    Using the OEM dipstick.
    I could provide you with a 2 piece construction that uses 2 set screws and pinches the metal part of your dipstick.
    Pros :
    - Rough cost = $50
    - 1 piece design for the dip stick handle

    Cons: it will retain some of the OEM plastic , specifically where the oring sits. If you pull too hard , you could pull the handle right off the dipstick unless you use JB weld (hack)

    OPTION 2:
    An extension of Option 1 , but we make the whole lower portion that the dipstick handle will screw into.

    Pros :
    - Rough cost = $60
    - 1 piece design for the dip stick handle

    Cons: Still uses set screws to hold onto a flat piece of steel (your oem dipstick) so again you could pull the handle right off if you pull too hard.

    OPTION 3:
    Using the design shown below , 1 half is machined with pegs and 1 half is machined with a bore . When pressed together they sandwhich the metal part of the dipstick between the 2 halves.

    Pros : uses your OEM dipstick entirely.
    Cons :
    For those that want powder coated orange , it requires a core.
    It is 2 halves so if you don’t press fit them properly , there will be an overhang.
    Rough Cost = $65 or $80 for those who want an orange dipstick.

    For the guys who want anodized / raw . I can send you the machined pieces and you press them together but without a mold , you might damage the finish of the aluminum.

    OPTION 4:
    Making a whole new dipstick.
    This would be a whole new construction similar to what I make for the 1.8T community.
    i.e.cable with a pressed aluminum indicator and handle glued to the cable.

    Pros : Cheap - $40
    Cons : Minimum 100 people to make it worth while.
    Rough cost

    let me know what you guys think.
    Issam N. Abed
    iABED Industries
    iABED Email | Facebook
    The build thread

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    Pics not up, can you link to Facebook also?
    Cheers mis amigos,


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      im intrested but cant imagine how it looks so a picture would help


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        What is wrong with this option?
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          Nothing wrong except stupid shipping cost.
          5vtq gte


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            Originally posted by ralleyquattro View Post
            nice find!
            Thought they were NLA.
            my option is prettier
            Issam N. Abed
            iABED Industries
            iABED Email | Facebook
            The build thread


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              You could put me down for 3 option number 4's

              I would like one polished handle, one with anodized
              silver, and one with anodized red handle.


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                Pictures please :-)
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                  If you want, there is an OE VAG solution: VW Golf/Jetta Mk4, VR6 12v, part number 021 115 607 H.

                  It is a bit too long but can be cut down and modified to work. For US $29 not bad.


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                    Any movement on this?