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S2 Limo prices?

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  • S2 Limo prices?

    I plan to buy a S2 Limo , but it needs some attention .
    So need some advise!!!
    What do you think what could be the price of a good one?
    This 1 has matching nrs and came as a limo from factory.
    if i know they only made 306 pieces.....?!

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    Depends on the condition, also I believe LHD prices may be different to RHD. But I say a good one can fetch anywhere in the region of 25-40k. My valuation for one would be around 35 personally. If it needs work, you could get it in the region of 20 or less. It's hard to put a price on these cars for some reason.
    1996 S2 ABY Silver


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      would be tough. its not a uk spec and is really only sought after by those who are in the know. in general coupe and avant owners.

      the issue with things that you cannot put a price easily is that buyers tend to wary and want a lower cost..

      personally i think s2's are very very overpriced theses days. whether they sell at these inflated costs is also a contentious issue. maybe in a couplw of years they will stablise at a higher than expected cost but below current levels. bit like dagenham daves.


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        That is my problem , the car is rare and so no price for it really.....
        I can get it fairly cheap but as i spend a year work and money to make it perfect will it worth the effort in the future......
        but it looks like to spend 8k for it does not make too big risk...


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          id say this is more about do you want a saloon or limo as its known. at 8k im sure you could get your cash back.

          i wanted a saloon. so i built one. a b3 variant to use all my old coupe bits. as a car chassis its a lot better and lighter than the coupe.

          the good thing about b4 is parts from most models are still about b3 is a bit harder to source


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            Rarity will keep the price rising, probably in the top 3 I5 engined cars produced in less than 500 pcs . The only saloon thas has been produse in less numbers is the C4 S6+ sedan, but it has no I5 engine in it.

            Sedans are always stiffer and better handling, much quieter too. Good luck with the purchase
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              Originally posted by Cordoba16vt View Post

              Sedans are always stiffer and better handling, much quieter too.
              Yep love mine, it's so easy and effortless to drive even at exciting speeds/roads and does it without any fuss.
              96 URS6 plus speck saloon
              96 URS6 plus speck estate
              94 2.6 80 Avant
              99 2.8 final edition Cabriolet


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                I didn't know about that , i always had coupe or estate....I had once an 80 sedan with 1Z engine but it is another story ....