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Taking the 5th (Re-purposing the B4 Snub Bracket for B3 Use)

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  • Taking the 5th (Re-purposing the B4 Snub Bracket for B3 Use)

    The 5th in this case being the much un-loved snub-mount receiver bracket, a.k.a. the 5th mount. Mod allows you to then employ the snub itself in both the up (accel.) and down (de-acccel.) directions, which is going to help eliminate drive-line shunt (the clunk-pause-clunk experienced while underway, when you get off and then on the gas), make life easier for your transmission-mounts; and improve gear-shift ability. This mod is a walk in the park (wrecking-yard actually). I love this mod, perhaps you will too, it's quick, easy, cheap, effective & invisible. Did this years ago and took no photos. Installed subject bracket with a long fat and soft full cylindrical poly snub of Mance's. Stumbled onto this E-bay photo recently & here we are. The bracket I used came from a 1993 B4 V6 sedan (see photo). I note, there are today other Audi brackets, both steel and alloy, which with some persuasion, may also work equally as well; as more suitable substitutes for the original B3 item? See previous write up here:

    Audi B4 snub mount receiver bracket.png

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    Reminds me I still have the SQ snubmount bracket to fit on mine
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      Just in case your S "to-do" list is getting a little short these days, I would guess this mod along with the addition of All-Road transmission mounts and the simple bilzcat1 short-shifter (which you may already have) would together likely make almost as much improvement to shifting a 6-speed, as those same 3 mods plus the stick-linkage alloy coupling bushing upgrade does for shifting the 5-speed!

      When you're under there checking and/or re-setting your snub, you can push/pull up and down on the tail of the tranny and see how the engine mounts act as a fulcrum over which the long-axis of the engine / tranny must rock with every on-off-on of the gas pedal; and appreciate how the elimination of vertical slack at the tranny-mounts, that the All-roads will provide compared to stock; will certainly ease gear- shifting.

      Shifting so smooth that you find yourself just doing it effortlessly and unconsciously.


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        Yeah I need to have a look at it. My exhaust clacks the subframe a bit due to the movement already which annoys me. I hadn’t heard of the all road transmission mounts. Any info this and parts needed?

        i did have a short shift fitted many moons ago but have since removed it.
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        '93 Coupe with a few tweeks


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          a) The shape of this snub (1st photo) mimics the one I have, however I suspect mine is softer, which I prefer. The beauty of the above bracket in my view, beyond the above comment is due to its' flat and deep upper and lower interior surfaces. On first contact, it only engages a very small proportion (an actual line of contact) of the poly snub's circumference, as opposed to with a strictly round tube type receiver bracket's total contact. These two in combination result in an initially very soft touch, but in addition, as opposed to the stock snub-rubber shape, this full-bodied snub more rapidly progresses to then engage a great deal more snub material faster, with any increased pressure on the two components; without a great deal of additional movement, quite smart. On-line photos of crumbled stock foam snubs and this combo's attention-free longevity bare out it's effectiveness.

          b) Adapting these All-Road trans mounts (I note today they are in use on VWs and Skodas) is another of Mance's clever mods that may not have travelled much outside the US (2nd, 3rd & 4th photos). His write-ups (he actually converted from B4 to B5 to All-Road mounts in short order):

          P/Ns: ...

          Extra parts:...

          All-Road Xmsn mounts driving impressions...

          c) But if your not using them already, a cheaper faster possible fix for what may indeed be exhaust / sub-frame interference (see also comment below) might be in the re-hanging of your system on 3 of these VW P/N 171 253 147 G vs the stock rubber bands (2 last photos below, last photo shows use on my B4):

          You can distort these some, but as the length of the chain won't change, they will suspend your system a little higher than stock, possibly giving you sufficient clearance.

          They are so sturdy, I heated them in boiling water and put them on using necessary verbal persuasion, liquid detergent as lube, after cushioning and jacking the system slightly higher, closer to its' back end; and having very carefully un-bent all the little factory hanger hook-tab ends.

          Sub-frame interference (or maybe with the rear CV joint OD?(!)) or not, this is just a sensible preventative maintenance mod.

          Apikol snub B3 & 4.pngAudi All-Road Xmsn mount pair, front & back-sides.pngAudi All-Road Xmsn mount back-side label.pngAudi All-Road Xmsn mount w cover off.pngVW chain-filled exhaust hanger.pngVW chain-filled exhaust hanger on B4.png
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            Thanks Lago Blue !

            If anyone has one of these snub brackets I would love to give it a go, drop me a PM

            I think this is the part number:


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              Your quite welcome sir. Yes that's it. P/N: 8A0 199 335. Mit typisch Deutscher effizienz, dies ist ein "motor halter". Noch ein photo:

              Audi B4 snub mount receiver bracket other side.png


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                Thanks for the tips. I’m off to have a read of those threads. I will try the rubbers too, it expect the exhaust will need to be physically modified to get it right aswell but that will have to wait until I’ve got some use now she is back on the road

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