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'91 Audi Coupe Shifter - JHM vs VAG 171711247 Gof/Cabrio/Scirocco Shifter

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  • '91 Audi Coupe Shifter - JHM vs VAG 171711247 Gof/Cabrio/Scirocco Shifter

    When the time came to replace my 7A coupe's shifter, I went with VAG 171711247 Golf/Cabrio/Scirocco bolt on replacement three times. Although the feel was great, the Made in China quality does not last more than a few months when the whole inner mechanism drops down from the metal casing.

    Then I went with the JHM Solid shifter and no matter how it is adjusted, the feel is clunky, stiff and disliked.

    034 is advertising $130 "Made in Germany VW Golf shifter 171711247. It looks same as Made in China quality. Does this last longer?

    What's a good source of durable VAG 171711247 shifters?

    Thank you for the advice!

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    I'm not certain this issue is non-VAG part specific, however it is a known one and the complete shifter kits had a 3 round holed plate which mimicked the foot-print of the VW part 171711247 (your 1st photo). When installed underneath 171711247, the larger center-hole of said plate was sized to prevent this shifter drop-down phenom. You will have to fashion one, or perhaps Pawel (screen name 'DeS' on this forum) could supply such as he made (makes?) complete kits.


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      Thank you, Lago. What is a typical life expectancy out of a 171711247?

      the Chinese replicas last about two months. I’ll reach out to DeS.


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        Lago is right as always

        I never had any issue with VW style shifter, but its necessary to use under plate to prevent droping down.
        I'm ready to help.


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          Thank you, both. How do I get such a plate?