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    Very nice, seen this car floating about few times and very tempted. Really looks smart with the wheels you've fitted. All the best with finishing it, should look the part with the rs2 parts on. Asking for a turbo next! Keep us all up dated


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      Cheers guys ,
      The avant and saloon bumpers are a straight swap.

      thanks Simon, looking forward getting some more done on it
      S2 Cabriolet.........


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        ok, thanks for info
        S2 's and oldtimers


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          Liking this Gav am looking forward to your plans with this car, I've seen this car I think on some previous threads if I remember correctly if it turns out like your Cabby then this car will be spectacular


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            Now I've finally worked out how to get on the new Forum layout. Awesome car can't wait to see what's next Gav, I've got a nice 3 spokle steering wheel that'll look nice in there


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              Thanks Rikki , replacement steering wheel already on ( still won't allow me to upload anymore pics from my phone )
              S2 Cabriolet.........


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                So took a run upto Wills at VRS yesterday to pick up an s2 avant rear bumper .

                Also asked if he could plug the bus into vagcom as I do t have access to it -

                18 faults most relating to things which were on the s6 which were no longer plugged in.
                Main points of interest were the true running temps ( way to high ) . Also looks like the coolant isn't flowing correctly.
                And what looks like at least 2 out of the 4 lambdas it was looking for aren't fitted in the downpipes . This will hopefully account for the erratic and high idle and what feels like flooding when you boot it through 3k

                Plan is still to have a custom ally rad made to suit with twin fans on the inside to push air out and make the pipework as simple as possible .

                Exhaust is here. Milltek twin 2.5" from a b5 s4. Hangers need to be relocated and will have the cats removed at the same time .

                once that's done I'll get it back to Wills for him to get it on the dyno and delete the need for multiple lambdas and delete the immobiliser aswell.

                rs2 bumpers and mirrors etc are being painted in the next few week along with s2 rear so.

                currently looking for someone to build a rad for me if anyone has any recommendations in Essex or surrounding areas
                S2 Cabriolet.........


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                  I can't wait to see this gav specially when will has ironed out the ecu it will be a true animal!


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                    Look in my thread and see what I did for cooling. I went as big as I could - in fact I had to trim the headlights to make room for the radiator.

                    I also worked hard to get the coolant temp readout to make sense. I went with VEMS so I could see it on my tablet but I wanted the cluster to be right too.

                    Eventually I realized that the ABH sensor range was different than the coupe quattro range expected and I always showed SUPER high temps

                    I put a coupe sensor in the v8 block and it helped.
                    1994 Cabriolet - 5 speed
                    1995 90
                    2011 A4 Avant
                    1990 CQ - V8 (sold)


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                      Well done Gav! I went to see this a few months ago in the deepest, darkest Norfolk. It was a 9hr round trip to see a badly described car.

                      It had a lot of niggles, as always the seller said they were "Easy fixes" but I'd been watching the progress of this car for a while so why haven't these easy fixes been addressed by the subsequent owners?

                      I did take it for a blast through deepest, darkest Norfolk and I can say it goes like ****ing stink! I offered him £3500 as I knew it needed a lot of work but I think he was offended, I would have paid that to put on the back burner as a project.

                      I'm glad it's going to someone who is finally getting to the bottom of the issues that need addressing, just a shame you are so far away as I would love to see it once it's finished.

                      1st job:- Brakes.


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                        Ha ! Yeah brakes are s2 units and pretty poor.
                        1st should be cooling however looks like it'll be exhaust.

                        what issues did you find out of interest ?

                        Its changed hand quite a few times and had a fair bit of money thrown at it however still only done about 4K miles since 2012 when it was built . I'm assuming due to the issues I'm trying to resolve
                        S2 Cabriolet.........


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                          More or less what you've already mentioned. Power steering, exhaust, S6 binnacle in dashboard, fast idle but it did settle down after a while. If I remember right the auxiliary belts were wearing away at some switch or sender wires. A few other niggles, all fixable though.


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                            Cheers , nothing that I haven't come across yet then.
                            The aux belt was touching the rubber boot on the plug for temp sender in the rad. Doesn't touch now but when I get the new rad built I'll position this above the sender out the way
                            S2 Cabriolet.........


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                              A couple of updates -
                              Initially picked up a b5 s4 milltek as read this was pretty much a direct fit with just the hangers needing moved.
                              But the bullet and took it to a friend who makes exhausts with the j tension of adapting it to fit and make up two decats.
                              Short story is it doesn't fit. Very close but not close enough. Long story is 12 hrs later I left with a complete new bespoke exhaust.
                              New downpipes , 2.5" all the way through , no cats , crossover in the centre , leading to a single back box.
                              It's a little erm..... loud .

                              Rs2 front bumper , lower headlight trims and mirrors had a quick paint and now fitted along with the rs2 grille.

                              Wound the coilover down another inch

                              next is sorting out the cooling . Currently looking at what rad options are out there
                              S2 Cabriolet.........


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                                Originally posted by gavs20v View Post

                                currently looking for someone to build a rad for me if anyone has any recommendations in Essex or surrounding areas
                                Hi Gavin,
                                Great to see you are still tinkering.
                                If it helps, I had my custom rads made by Radtec all those years ago. They are still doing their job with no problems.
                                They were made to spec of the mechanic given over the phone. This was a long time ago though.
                                Good luck with finishing. Look forward to seeing both you and the car sometime.

                                Audi 90 quattro (Typ 85)
                                20v turbo conversion