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    IMG_20180702_151410.jpg Hi, my name is thomas and have been reading a lot on this forum and thought to start own topic now that own project car is getting to a point I can actually drive it.

    So two years ago I bought this 1994 S4 Avant with AAN engine, it had been parked outside for over 2 years with cracked exhaust manifold and electrical issues.

    After fixing electrics and engine issues I drove this for about a year, except for some chip and coil conversion it was all original. Loved it especially because it was my first quattro but soon wanted more power and so this started, note this is and will be daily driver no track car.
    So last summer I started with engine build, had to get H-beam rods in there so ended up with replacing piston rings and honing cilinders, complete head rebuild with light porting job and all other basic stuff.

    Setup now:

    2.2 20V AAN
    Holset Hx40 Super#16
    ​​​​​​2.0 tfsi coils
    Stock ported wastegate
    3,5" downpipe till 3" mid/rear damper
    60mm bov
    ​2.5" intercooler piping
    Fmic size dont remember
    High flow billet fuel rail
    Ajustable fpr
    MAC 3 port boost solenoid
    ​​Walbro 255 feed to swirl tank
    2x Bosch 044
    An8 feed and an6 return teflon lines
    ​​SRE sintered clutch and pressure plate
    7a single mass flywheel
    034 engine mounts
    Diy PU filled stock gearbox mounts
    Tatech T6 pro ecu
    Vems 4bar MAP
    Aem/bosch wideband
    Arp head studs and 12.9 main bearing bolts

    Front Brembo 18z with 345mm discs
    Rear stock calipers with Thuppu adapters and 330mm discs

    Suspension is not done yet except front shocks, upgrades WILL be done coming winter.

    About a month ago I got to drive for the first time after rebuild, first for me to deal with standalone ecu but after some testdrives and logs it was running quit well enough, drove like 250km and this week was dynotime.

    ​​​​​​Still engine breake in time and on mineral engine oil. 7k limit on dyno @2 bars boost 553,8hp/634nm hope some more by raising rev limiter and boost pressure later.ALS not working yet, to litle air to make it pop only using the idle valve as antilag air valve , was thinking to open throttle valve more and using fuel cut idle will it work?

    Car now waiting to go to MOT sometime next week,

    ​​​​​​Pictures coming!

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