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Fastest quarter mile Audi on S2forum

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    Yesterday Dosljak made new record in Hockenheim, doing 8.05 / 276.
    Everything less than 2 bar is considered to be naturally aspirated


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      We also where in Hockenheim last Weekend.
      I can only say this car is amazing and great work from repo.
      Watching this car beside the Strip was really impressive.
      I have seen a lot of fast cars but never with this straight Performance.
      Beside this repo is a very friendly and polite Guy.

      Concratulation for the 8,05 sec.


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        nice results!
        audi coupe quattro b2 2.2 20vt project (573hp-626nm)
        TWINCHARGED power,zero lag
        AEM W/M injection


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          I met a few forum friends at the event. Didn't have a chance to have a proper chat with all of you guys, which is a pity and I apologize if I was short worded.

          If ever You recognize me on an event or a race, please come to say hi, I may look grumpy and scary, but am mostly a nice guy. Sometimes I am working on something (although it may look like I am just smoking and walking circles), and then I may ask for privacy, don't take it personally, but come back later.
          Everything less than 2 bar is considered to be naturally aspirated


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            Well I had my first go at drag racing last year at GTI International, I think My best was in a bog standard RS2 13.89354, which I'm told is pretty good for such a heavy car, especially as all my other times were 14's and 15's

            Likewise if you ever see me come say hello, I wont be in that RS2 as it is now mangled and stripped bare but I have another fire breathing monster being let out of the caverns of VRS, It will be scarily quick but don't worry it has a 10 switch power dial, so come say hello anyway, it's a Ragusa Green RS2 M40 PPN. I'll be at Castle Combe I think. But unfortunately the time taken to build the car has left me unable to take part in all the summer events hopefully it will be worth the wait!!
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