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UrS6 / A6 Avant rear roller blind

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  • UrS6 / A6 Avant rear roller blind

    Hello All

    Have a rear roller blind and trim for A6 / S6 avant

    The blind has a few defects, but is usable
    The screw mounts/holes under the inner panel have broken. They were on their last legs for a while but didn't survive removal this time round. They are present and can be re-fixed I'm sure
    The blind has one or two small holes as pictured, largest being around 8-10mm I'd say
    Has two cut outs where I had additional lights
    There is a split in the lower middle which has been reinforced with a bit of stainless , this is where it screws to the underside of the bootlid
    I had to use the metal clips that attach the whole lot to the boot lid, so please check you have this type, early models had the round plastic type

    On the plus side, the third light trim is in good order and is complete with hooks

    £45 delivered UK mainland

    1989 NG Q Pick-up (Daily)
    2002 ASZ Golf (Doris' Daily)
    1997 AJK-G2 A6 Avant Q (In surgery)
    1999 AGZ Bora (Daily 2)
    1994 ABC A6 Avant (Spare)
    1984 JS Coupe GT (Slow progress)
    1982 WN Coupe GT5 (Spare)
    1983 MK1 Golf GTI Pirelli (In storage)