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S2 3B pearl white parts/breaking

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  • S2 3B pearl white parts/breaking

    Will update with prices and photos later, just wanted to get the post up for now. Photos will be added tomorrow when I get some light. Need to go through the garage and find the rest of the spares!

    Hi all. Unfortunately ran out of talent in my s2 which has been written off by insurance. Have decided to use the suspension/running gear in another project I have, so the rest of the car will be up for sale. I also have some spares.

    Vehicle sustained drivers side front damage.
    1x headlight, bonnet, front bumper, drivers front wing, windscreen.
    Basically everything bodywork wise on the drivers side front is busted, there is also damage to the passenger A pillar (don't ask)

    All prices are without postage, am open to offers on most things, please just give me a message.

    Vehicle has:
    Cluster with outside temp sensor with centre gauges - £600
    VDO centre boost gauge - £120
    Electric rear windows - £400
    Quattro script rear window - £50
    1x elip headlight, nearside (clips are broken, so overall condition is poor) - £50
    Miltek 2.5" catback exhaust - £400
    Decat pipes (unsure on brand until removal, possibly Miltek too) - £50
    Standard downpipe - £50
    Avus 16" alloys in good condition with federal 595 semi slick tyres in ok condition (have the spare too but has a chunk of metal missing, still holds air but would recommend repair) - £150
    Uprated clutch, 2000 miles at most. Pressure plate is painted yellow, looks really good until the gearbox gets in the way - £250

    Carpet, seats, door cards, steering column covers, steering wheel has already been sold.

    Have these items spare:
    3B ECU 270hp chip (was told MTM equivalent) - £250
    Standard suspension (shocks and springs) quite rusty. few years old now! - £150

    If you aren't sure, please don't hesitate to reply or send me a message. You don't know unless you ask as they say. Need to have a think about what i actually have, this was just from the top of my head.

    As stated will be continuously updating over the next few days, prices, photos etc will be added. Just wanted to get this post up to get the ball rolling so to speak.
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      Also PM'd
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        I'm having difficulty sending you a PM.
        I'm after a few bits.
        Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration


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          Anyone heard anything from the guy breaking this pearl white 3B?
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          Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird Turbo....undergoing major changes.....
          S2 Coupe... bit easier off the line...
          '03 ZX12-R daily hack.... lots of nice bolt ons...


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            I have send PM - no replay


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              Need prices on the listed parts or thread will be removed
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                How much for Quattro script glass/tail gate

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                  Sorry for late responses. Parts are still available just got suddenly ridiculously busy with life in general. Will reply to everyone and update post this evening.


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                    Took a little while but i should be up to date with everything now. If anyone has any questions please feel free to message me. Should be much more active now.

                    Car is getting stripped next weekend (9/10th Feb)

                    Whilst stripping the car i will take photos of everything as it comes off so people can see the condition of these items and decide from there whether they wish to buy.

                    Thanks for your patience everyone.


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                      Here are some photos of some of the parts available. Much easier to post here than send to everyone separately!


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                        Aby intercooler