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Breaking: 1993 Audi urs4 Pearl white on ecru

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  • Breaking: 1993 Audi urs4 Pearl white on ecru

    I’m parting out a 1993 Audi urs4.
    The car has around 175k miles. It’s
    pearl white on ecru interior. Every
    single piece is for sale except the
    block, head, oil pump, crankshaft
    and valve cover.

    Everything worked as it should for
    the most part. Windows, wipers,
    accessories, radio, transmission,
    rear diff, mirrors, sunroof, seat motors
    seat heaters, ice cold a/c.

    Payment will be through PayPal. For
    goods & services payments add %4
    to the total. Buyer pays shipping unless
    stated otherwise. Local pickup is preferred
    but have no issues shipping items big
    or small. Deals can be made and will
    be given if multiple items bought at
    the same time.

    I have a lot going on at the moment
    so I’m telling everyone that on small
    items going through usps you have to
    give me 3-7 days to ship those out. On
    very large freight shipments I will need
    2-4 week lead time. I recently started my
    own shop and have my own projects
    going on on top of 2 partouts at the
    same time.

    Aftermarket parts:

    1. Stage 1+ aan ecu. INmotion tuning
    No freakin clue who or what that is.
    $350 shipped— I’m including an 034 2.2bar
    wastegate spring free—-The box says INmotion

    2. Rs2 replica injectors—Sold

    3. 2bennett silicone MAF boot—$150 shipped

    4. Custom fmic kit—$500 shipped
    Universal 2.5” piping & silicone coupler
    from summit. Cx racing intercooler
    18x12x3. This kit is setup for cars
    using stock or rs2 style manifolds.
    Also will only support 300-400whp.
    Throwing in another charge piping
    kit for free. I’ve been holding onto
    it forever.

    5. tfsi coilpacks with 034 harness—$400 shipped
    I’ll throw in a set of good dealer plugs

    6. Driver a/c vent gauge pod with AEM
    digital wideband AFR gauge—$150 shipped

    7. INA engineering/Issam billet throttle cam— $50 shipped

    8. Depo Clear corners/turn signals—$100 shipped
    Includes bulbs, bulbs holders, and plugs
    with wiring pigtails

    9. Center vent gauge pod with
    Nice led backlight boost gauge—sold

    Stock parts:

    1. AAN intake manifold—$140 shipped

    2. AAN oil pan—$140 shipped
    I have two/ includes drain plug

    3. AAN timing cover set—3 pieces-$150 shipped
    outer with no cracks, inner with good clips, lower metal cover
    Will include hardware

    4. AAN throttle body—$100 shipped
    Working TPS, with billet throttle cam
    add $50

    5. AAN brand new belt tensioner—$100 shipped
    The new one appears to be an
    aftermarket unit. No vw/Audi stamp
    will include a brand new contitech belt

    B. factory tensioner with a noisy bearing.
    Makes a little noise. Will also include
    new serpentine belt—-$100 shipped

    6. Mint airbox lid—sold

    7. Injector cover—$75 shipped

    8. Stock injector set—$100 shipped
    I have 2 sets//cleaned & tested

    9. AAN fuel rails with FPR & braided
    lines ( have 2) early banjo feed—$120 shipped
    Will include good fuel filters

    10. AAN water manifold—$75 shipped
    I have two

    11. Mint urS airbox—$125 shipped
    all clips intact, will come with a
    new Mann filter and a used K&N
    drop in filter. Also both air snorkels.

    2nd one with only a new Mann filter.
    Identical setup.

    12. 2 AAN mafs with screens cut out—$75 shipped
    They both function properly

    13. Stock AAN exhaust manifolds—$75 shipped
    Have 2

    14. Stock AAN wastegates—$120 shipped
    I have 2. Come with flex pipes

    15. urS metal smic & crossover pipe—$200 shipped
    Will include the shrouds. I have 2 sets

    16. urS power steering pump—$250 shipped
    Rebuilt ZF unit serial number appears
    to say rebuilt in 2013

    17. urS high pressure steering hose set—sold

    18. urS brake bomb—sold

    19. urS starter—$50 shipped

    20. urS alternator—$100 shipped

    21. urS a/c compressor—$100 shipped
    works. Car had ice cold A/C

    22. urS steel accessory brackets—$125 shipped
    Power steering & alternator/compressor

    23. urS g60 front uprights—$350 shipped
    Mint set

    24. Good factory strut mounts—sold

    25. Strut mount covers—$35 shipped

    26. Working HVAC box with good
    blend doors & good evaporator
    and heater core—gone

    27. urS4 fenders—Sold

    28. mint urS front grill—$125 shipped
    I have 3–one has a good badge,
    one has a faded badge, and one
    has no badge.

    29. Nice urs4 headlights—$250 shipped
    All tabs intact, covers are there, bulbs
    all work. Plugs & wiring pigtails included.
    Glass has minor pitting. Can use as is
    or buy euro glass or swap lenses. The
    lenses are probably a 6-7/10

    30. Clear corners—already listed

    31. Front bumper grill set—$150 shipped

    32. Amber corner markers—$65 shipped
    2-3 sets will include bulb sockets

    33. urs4 hood—$100 picked up or $100 + shipping

    34. urs4 full size side mirrors with —$150 shipped
    Working motors glass sold

    35. urs4 doors—$150 + shipping per door or
    $600 shipped for 4 doors—I have 3 sets
    of 4// 2 faded black and one pearl white

    36. urs4 windows—$100 + shipping per window
    or $400 shipped for all 4

    37. Stock delta radio but needs code—$75 shipped

    38. Ecru interior bits—offers???

    39. Factory boost hose sets—$120 shipped
    3 hoses— throttle body hose, Michelin
    man hose, and turbo outlet hose

    40. Factory AAN coil cover with coilpacks
    some packs are no good—$120 shipped
    Includes POS & bracket

    41. Near mint inner tail lights—$350 shipped
    Includes bulbs, bulb holders, & wiring

    42. Rebuilt climate control head with
    upgraded bulbs—sold

    43. Good instrument cluster with working
    lcd screen and all gauges & lights—$250 shipped
    two with bad lcd’s but the rest working—$100 shipped

    44. x2 early 5 speed 01E trannys—$500 shipped a piece
    Good working condition

    45. x3 locking rear diffs—$350 shipped a piece
    Good working condition

    46. Carbon fiber interior trim set
    with black climate control and
    ashtray pieces. Most of the carbon
    has cracks in the clear— $150 shipped

    47. 2-3 sets of 4 working window motors—$125 shipped
    All factory and tested & verified working via switch

    48. 2-3 sets of 4 working window regulators—$125 shipped
    All factory and tested & verified working via switch

    49. Mint mid & lower door/fender moulding set—$350 shipped

    50. urS sedan outer tail light sets
    will come with bulbs, bulb holders,
    brackets, hardware, and wiring pigtails —$125 shipped
    I have 2 sets

    51. black urS floor mats—sold

    52. cd changer in trunk—sold

    53. Stock speaker & amp set—$125 shipped

    54. urS complete shift linkage set—$150 shipped
    2 sets

    55. urS factory GKN axle sets-$250 shipped
    All 4. 3 sets// 3 sets of 4 & one set of 2
    rear & 1 front. All OE GKN

    56. urS driveshafts— $50 + shipping
    I have 2. The one with good center
    bearing sold.

    57. Front subframe—$200 shipped
    I have 4 in good shape//3 are
    rust free. Still gloss black.

    58. rear subframe—$200 shipped
    Rust free—still gloss black

    59. Non leaking urS steering rack—$175 shipped
    Has a good boot as well.
    1. UrS rack with torn boot & small leak—
    $100 shipped

    60. urS gas tank with no rust or damage—$400 shipped
    Will come with pump assembly, lid, & wiring

    61. Rear spindles—$250 shipped

    62. UrS hub set all 4 —
    Fronts—$125 I have another set
    Rears—$125 shipped

    63. front 26mm sway bar—$50 + shipping

    64. urS strut bar—$60 shipped

    65. stock urS4 wheel set—$500 shipped
    In decent shape. Will come with all
    4 center caps in good shape, good
    bridgestones with 6-7/32” tread, new
    valve stems, and all 20 lug bolts & extras

    66. urS trunk lid—$350 shipped

    67. urS rear bumper—$250 + shipping

    68. urS front fender liner set—$120 shipped

    69. urS rear control arms—$150 shipped for both

    70. box with every switch, relay, fuse,
    module, and computer from a 93
    urs4—$125 shipped

    71. Front brake set—$250 shipped
    Stock front calipers, caliper brackets,
    slide pins, hardware, rotors, pads, steel
    braided lines, and hardware.

    72. Rear brake set—$250 shipped
    Stock rear calipers, caliper brackets,
    slide pins, hardware, rotors, pads, steel
    braided lines, and hardware. Will include
    good ebrake cables.

    73. urS factory ATE master cylinder with reservoir—$100 shipped

    74. urS factory brake booster—$125 shipped

    75. urS factory slave cylinder—$30 shipped

    76. urS factory clutch master cylinder —$60 shipped

    77. urS brake pedal—$60 shipped

    78 urS clutch pedal—$60 shipped

    79. urS gas pedal with no broken
    plastic top—$125 shipped

    80. urS wiper arms—sold

    81. urS power steering reservoir—$75 shipped
    I’ll include the cap with level
    sensor and the hardware/bracket
    I have 3

    82. Coolant reservoirs—$35 shipped
    Will include cap, sensor, and wiring
    pigtail—I have 3

    83. Nice Windshield reservoir with pumps—$80 shipped
    Will include lid, pumps, and wiring pigtails for the pumps

    84. Stock AAN k24 turbo—$150 shipped
    No shaft play or chipped impellers.
    Have two

    85. Factory aan k24 water & oil line set—$125 shipped

    86. Nice Audi logo exhaust manifold heat shield—$100 shipped

    87. urs4 a/c condenser—$50 + shipping
    A/c blew ice cold

    88. urs4 a/c pressure line set—$125 shipped

    89. urs4 aan stock oil cooler setup—$125 shipped
    Includes cooler, lines, air shroud,
    bracket, & hardware

    90. New urs4 vdo blower motor—Gone

    91.urs4 interior switch panel with all the switches—$100 shipped

    92. urs4 aan factory crank cog/timing gear—$50 shipped
    I have 3

    93. urs4 aan factory cam gear—$50 shipped

    94. newer 034 motor mounts—sold

    95. urS4 sunroof cassette setup—gone

    96. urS rear diff crossmember—$125 shipped

    97. urS IAC—$60 shipped

    98. urS newer diverter valve—$30 shipped
    710P code not updated 710N
    I have 3

    89. urS new n75–$30 shipped

    99. urS aux water pump—$30 shipped
    I have 3

    100. urs4 black door cards—$200 shipped

    101. Stock AAN maf boot—$100 shipped
    I have 2 with no cracks

    102. Black center console pieces—$150 shipped

    103. Good factory coolant hose set—$100 shipped
    Every single rubber coolant hose.

    104. urS clutch fan setup—$150 shipped
    You’ll get the clutch, fan blade,
    fan shroud, and hardware.

    105. urS A/C electric radiator fan—$75 shipped
    I have 5 of them

    106. urS rain trays—offers??

    107. Trunk interior trim—???

    108. urS clutch fan shroud—$75 shipped

    Lots & lots of stuff.

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    Feel free to throw out offers.


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      Injector cover shipped to the uk??


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        $75 usd but I have to get a postage
        quote from USPS because as of one
        week ago they doubled all the international
        rates which really screws me up on
        International orders.

        If you’re still interested message me your
        address and I’ll get working on that for you.