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  • Audi B5 S/RS4 Parts

    This maybe of use to some of you on here but getting rid of all the parts I've accumulated. Here's a list of what I have. If anyone wants anything drop me a message

    Front and Rear RS4 roll bars
    Window frames, regulators and motors
    Cd stacker
    Lower b pillars
    Boot organiser
    D Pillars
    Starter motors
    Abs module
    Air con drier
    S4 Engine covers
    5V engine covers
    PAS hardline pipe (sits in front of the rad)
    PAS fluid reservoir
    Slam panel with fan pack
    Pre facelift s4 heater controls with cage
    Various coolant hoses
    Upper boot trim (goes round brake light) no cracks
    Lower boot trims with metal strip
    RS4 Dog Guard
    S/RS4 Load cover
    ESP button (and two either side comes as a set of three)
    Boot cubby hole trim
    Selection of relays
    Gear linkage
    Rear driveshafts RS4
    Rear RS4 Uprights with Driveshafts
    Pre facelift S4 Tailgate plinth
    Bose sub and amp
    Front wiper motor rs4
    Gearbox spacer
    Coil packs
    RS4 shocks and one or two springs only useful as spare
    Air intake duct
    Leather gear and handbrake covers
    S4 Fuel Rail
    Alarm siren
    Trimmed RS4 Lobster claws
    Viscous fan blades
    Air bag ECU J I think
    3'' Longlife Exhaust, Koni Adjustables, H&R Springs, Full RS2 Setup with Mr Nugents RS2 Chips (just need the RS2 Airbox)