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KKK K26/7 with various options Inc # Turbine Housing.

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  • KKK K26/7 with various options Inc # Turbine Housing.

    I currently have the following K26/7 Hybid for sale, please the listing for details.

    I could finish it off myself however I feel the new owner could make this into a proper monster unit with the addition of a billet wheel and 360 degree thrust baring, perhaps have the compressor housing machined out for an even larger wheel, also if you have the final assembly done by a reputable company you'll get 12 months warranty which I can't offer. The listing includes a choice of of two complete cold-sides, though I'm more than happy to sell it with just the one as I have a K27 hybrid I could use the larger housing on in future, this would also reduce the price considerably. I can also supply it with a crack free Audi 56 mm exit #6 turbine housing but can't see why anyone would want it with one, I will not be selling another #8 housing once this has gone. I parted with one for £300 last week which shows just how in demand they are and once this has gone I'll have two left which I want to use in future units for myself.

    Any questions please feel free to ask, am happy to post worldwide.

    I've loads off KKK K26 parts for sale, everything from complete turbos right down to back plates and comp wheels., mostly from Porsche 944 K26's as well as K24 7400's, I also have a couple of K27's knocking about.

    Plus I have the cold side from a Nothelle N300 turbo should anybody be interested it.
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