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WTB: Audi RS2 P1 Brake Pipe - Left Side: 8A0611721

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  • WTB: Audi RS2 P1 Brake Pipe - Left Side: 8A0611721


    Im looking for Audi RS2 P1 Brake Pipe - Left Side.

    Number is: 8A0611721

    Have tried everywhere but everyone is sold out, some say they have in stock but I've been refunded 3 times now over the last days because they don't have in stock even if it says so on their webpage..

    Anyone know anyone/can fix? Doesn't need to be brand new but in good shape/quality.

    - Lars
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    just get one made with your old pipe as a sample. Quite easy to flare these things.
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      I dont have an old one. Its for brake upgrade for my s2. But i will try make one from the new right one


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        Easy to make a using a short flexi connected to a small length of copper. I followed the guide on S2 Central.
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          That looks like m10x1 male end fittings maybe 40cm of pipe and a big rubber grommet. A 25m roll of 3/16ths kunifer pipe will cost around £25, stainless end fittings £2-3 each and the pipe flaring tool on top if you don't have one. Getting a pipe flaring tool is one of those purchases which you think you might not need very much... Let me assure you - once you have made that pipe, you will be making pipes more than you think and it will come in handy for replacing others around the car and others.

          Although not necessary, a mini pipe bender will make a much nicer job of the bends than doing by hand.


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            Yeah I made the left side today. Just need the rubber "bung" /nipple thingy


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              Will change out other pipes later on


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                It's just a simple electrical grommet.