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Pankar wannabe landspeed racer project

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  • Pankar wannabe landspeed racer project

    Hi all

    2 years of lurking is now at an end.

    Long story but me and my dad started this project after a visit to the South African version of Speedweek at Hakskeenpan in 2014, the site where Bloodhound plans to do its runs.
    We went in a double cab pickup but on the return journey decided that it was no fun without a modified car.

    A lot of research later I unfortunately stumbled across the Jeff Gerner videos and decided that the S4 is the perfect platform for our project, especially after seeing the muscle cars, Porches and AMG Mercs struggling to put down the power on the salt.
    A bit of scouring landed us a 242k 1992 model for roughly 1700 euro (the South African Rand is an un-mentionable currency and it was driven 700km for delivery. another 800 odd euros had us a roadworthy and the car on the road.

    This was in May 2015.

    We took it up to Verneukpan, site of Malcolm Campbell 1930
    Verneukpan, South Africa. 2016
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    It would seem posting a build thread is more difficult than building the car...


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        Hey amarider , there's a few issues with the forum at the moment, after a recent upgrade. If you avoid using any special characters it is likely your posts will go through OK then


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          Originally posted by Bowie69 View Post
          Hey amarider , there's a few issues with the forum at the moment, after a recent upgrade. If you avoid using any special characters it is likely your posts will go through OK then
          cool, I'll go work on the car!


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            More research proved that most threads starts with the purchase of the car and then a lot of dreaming and scheming on what to do with the car.
            A lot of builds also tend to push the limit of OEM equipment and ECU and invariably lead to tears.
            Ours is not much different except that I'll start the thread stripping out the engine bay. The trigger has been pulled.



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                Good to see the engine is back in. What mods did you go with?

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                '93 Coupe with a few tweeks


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                  Been a process,

                  Pauter Rods, JE pistons, Holset HX40 (for now), Iroz tubular manifold, Tial wastegate, Leanders Clutch, Maxxecu, new 040 Bosch intank pump, twin 044 Pumps for surge tank, Aeromotive filters, 1200cc ev14's, EFI Express LS coil pack, 034 fuel rail, MAC boost solenoid, Flexfuel sensor, FMIC (pretty big) with full 3inch stainless piping. Oversize valves with titanium bits/springs. The only thing that is still required is to upgrade the intake manifold/throttle body. I think we're going to run into initial restriction there, or with the Holset. Which is fine. We haven't touched brakes or suspension. Our trip to the local saltpans is in 10 weeks so we'll probably trailer the car there and do a couple of test runs to see if it wants to get through 250km/h (the current record there is 248,5km/h in a Chevrolet V8 racecar).


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                      yes, a front bumper is going to experience some modification, yes I know the front lights are wrong, S4 ones are not exactly lying around in South Africa...
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                          Well, after almost 2 years in the garage we made big strides yesterday with our first dyno tune.
                          The numbers above (at the wheels) achieved on ethanol with 1.4 bar boost and a redline of 6500. So still very conservative.
                          Our 1200cc ev14's were running at about 35%. Engine sounded very happy.
                          Thanks to all contributions and especially the guys who maintain comprehensive project diaries to help noobs like us.