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Audi B2 from USA (continued)

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  • Audi B2 from USA (continued)

    Hello again, original post here:

    The picture in the original posting was taken about a year ago. Since then, the interior came was removed to route the AAN wiring harness to the fuse box. Also, additional butyl sheets were added with new foam insulation on top.

    Using two metal 0.4mm oil pan gaskets to get the windage tray to fit with a 016 transmission.

    Car will only be driven during the summer - air conditioning is definitely required. To make the radiator and condenser fit I needed to get an ABY intake manifold. Plan is to use a Urq compressor and bracket on the engine left side.

    Stuck right now. Waiting for more ABY parts to appear on international eBay - need to find the breather system, intake plumbing, and fuel rail from an ABY.

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    Wiring is looking rather tidy, and nice job on the Dynamat.
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