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  • Project s1 e2

    Hi all
    Tony here newbie from co Cavan Ireland.
    Was hoping to get some help/advice/suggestions on spec for project.
    Apologies for sacrificing a sound s2 to build a s1, but I will be selling as a trimmed shell and she will live again.
    After 10 plus years of collecting all things audi I’m soon ready to start.
    My first ( of many lol) questions is which components apart from engine/ecu and associated wiring/box/ suspension/running gear would yous transplant from s2 to s1.
    many thanks in advance,

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    Hi mate,
    This sounds like a great project. Have you a SWB shell? Did you shorten it yourself? Have you the correct screen angle?
    Any photos of where you’re at currently?
    Looking forward to updates, take plenty of photos. We love photos on here!
    1996 S2 ABY Coupe silver
    2003 S3 8L dolphin grey
    2014 RS4 B8 prism silver


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      i have modified s2(complete)
      audi 80 2 door (complete)
      Fibreglass body kit( based on cost replacement etc)as opposed to Kevlar.
      seats and 4 point harness.
      1st step.
      remove all req from s2 and sell trimmed shell to release funds for b2 cq ( can’t believe how quick their prices are rising)
      will get some photos up.
      don’t really know the s2 compared to the ur
      looking forward to learning as I go though.
      ps I’m leaning towards keeping the trim road as oppose to rally.
      something a little different.
      wll leave the roll cage standard so next custodian can change to rally trim easy enough if they choose.


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        So you haven’t started to cut yet?
        By the wayTony, I’m in Co. Derry so not far away. Davy.
        Is this where you’re aiming?
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        1996 S2 ABY Coupe silver
        2003 S3 8L dolphin grey
        2014 RS4 B8 prism silver


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          Hi I have similar project ongoing. Currently bare shell with a roll cage installed.
          From S2 you will use the engine although it will need a lot of parts changing, rear diff, hubs, uprights depending on what suspension you go for. Propshaft will need shortening, subframes, Maybe steering rack. Gearbox all depends what you want. Be warned it all costs £££££.
          ECU wants to be standalone system.


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            Hi Davy and jonnaz
            haven’t made any cuts or even dismantling yet.
            Trying to set out a plan but no doubt that will fall by the wayside.After a few landrovers this is my first performance car project.I’m exited and apprehensive at the same time lol.
            Realising an adolescent dream will drive me on to completion hopefully. its the s1 e2 I’m aiming for Davy.jonnaz did you find a drawing/site with accurate places to cut b2 80 behind door pillars or did you measure off the body kit rear wing and door pillar in order to work out where to cut cq?
            Have you any pics up?
            thanks for replies
            Derry about 2 hours from me Davy.not to far