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Audi 80 B4 limo FWD to Quattro RS4 BNS engine project

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  • Audi 80 B4 limo FWD to Quattro RS4 BNS engine project

    I own this Audi 80 B4 FWD since 25 years already and this year i decided to restore and improve it.
    First idea was to get clean up the car, get some new wheels and renew the sport suspension on it... but then as it always hapens the project got modified almost each week.
    The first fase was to clean thoroughly the underbody, treat it with Teroson, renew all the steering and suspension components, poliurethan bushes everywhere, sandblast the parts, powder coating all the parts, modifiy the brakes, new brake lines, all the brake and fuel lines renew, custom 2.5 inch stainless steel exhaust with Magnaflow cans and a 5x112 conversion, wheels are Japan Racing 18x9.5 and tires are Continental Premium Contact 6 235.40.18
    The engine remained untouched because it was in a very good condition, 2.8 AAH engine.
    I had a Koniyellow suspension kit on but i decide to put a KW Inoxline V1 on it to be able to set the car as i wanted.
    I have set the height and also set the weight transfer for the car.
    As the car was almost ready, i decided to make it Quattro as all the specific holes are already present on the car. I bought all the necesary parts, full rear Quattro suspension, diferential and gearbox, all from a B4 2.8 Quattro model.

    Brakes are Brembo Z18 and 360mm front brake discs, for rear i will get the S4 brakes for 300mm brake disks

    Right after i bought the Quattro parts, i decided to make a V8 swap into my car and i ended up with a package of 2 RS4 BNS engines from B7 RS4.
    I have the complete wiring looms for them, all 4 ECU`s, instrument cluster and ABS unit, radiator, fans, intank pump ECU`and the 2 FAN ecu`s.
    Having the RS4 engine i doubted that the 2.8 Quattro gearbox will handle well the power and i bought an S4 0A3 gearbox which pairs with my final drive.
    I will also use a SACHS performance clutch kit with its single mass flywheel.

    Now the parts that need to be solved:
    1. Engine and gearbox mounts - i will do this as soon I will be ready to put the engine in the car.
    2. Change the feed fuel pump to a higher pressure and flow, already found the new pump
    3. I may need a custom aluminium radiator, i wlll see as soon as the engine is in.
    4. Have the engine ECU modified as alot of components will not be present on the final setup and of course a custom tune for it.

    4. This is the tricky one

    Having the 0A3 gearbox i needed to have the VSS speed adaptor made and used a Hall sensor. Now, all is good for the Audi B4 cluster but my issue now is to get the output VSS signal from the 80 B4 cluster to the engine ECU which is a MED 9.1 and it receives the VSS signal from the ABS unit through CAN.

    What i will need here is a device that can translate this VSS signal and send it through CAN to the engine ECU. Or any other way to achieve this.
    If you guys know a way please let me know.

    Bellow are some pictures of the car.

    Here is the RS4 engine

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    I cant help you, but that 80 is one cool build! Nice work!
    Audi 80 Competition -94 Daily driver for more picĀ“s of my cars


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      i think it is easier to enable the vss from the ecu! you don't need the signal. the motor/car drives without vss normaly.


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        I think that for RS4 the MED 9.1 needs the VSS signal from CAN for VVT, load and torque calculations, overun cutoff. I know there is a dedicated VSS out pin from the instrument panel and i need to use that somehow.
        I also have the instrument panel and ABS unit from the RS4 but it would be a headache to mount them, first the ABS unit need other wheel speed sensors and i may need the Gateway unit also which i don`t have.
        I found that ECU master has some device called WHEEL SPEED to CAN , , i need to talk to them and ask for more info about this and if i could use that.


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          Thanks. I solved my problem.