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    I thought I might as well start a project thread for my 1990 CQ.
    The story behind both the donor 1994 S4 and the coupe is really strange. So the CQ looks to have been undergoing a heart transplant and they stopped midway. They were swapping an Mc1/Mc2 into the car and most likely got discouraged by the wiring. They were trying to get the 7a Ecu to work? Cut wires everywhere. I had gotten the car from a tow truck driver who was going to scrap it and asked if I wanted it. Gave him $200 and went our separate ways. I had planned on just finishing their work and getting it running again. I realized that was way more than I was asking for. But then a guy said that I might want to see one of his cars. He heard that I like old Audi's and he was selling one of his. Turns out it was a green 1994 S4 (C4). This thing was beat. It had been smashed in the back by a tree. He was originally wanting to try and swap it into a Eurovan. But plans changed and he just wanted to get rid of it. So I took it for a test drive up the pass that was right by his house. Spun all four tires around a corner. Had trouble on startup but I figured I could fix that. Something was special about the engine. I had never felt anything like it. So I came back and gave him his money and came home a happy camper. I bought the car planning to swap it into the CQ, I didn't even want to mess with the 10vt anymore. So I began pulling both engines out to begin the swap.

    Then I test fit the engine!!
    ​And here's some misc parts that I ended up getting.
    And the Euro rear bumper
    And here's the car now.
    And I'm going to paint it this color
    ​​​​​​​ S200S2FX01KK01OVERKD3001_2196.jpeg
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    Wow what a project looks like ya gonna have loads of fun with this great intro to the forum


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      Love that colour!


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        So here's my B4's intro to my thread, I am currently doing a 1.8T AEB swap into it and plan on adding a 225 TT turbo and flash tune. I just didn't like the boat anchor of the 12v V6. So at this current moment, the engine is out and I am going to be putting a mock block into it to make motor mounts and figure out wiring. I would love to have ADR mounts but, the USA is very limited on that option. Then comes the intercooler setup. Since I might be running the Euro CQ bumper, I will use a Water to air intercooler. I just don't want to cut that bumper up to make an Air-Air work. So I think having another radiator would be better. But I was also thinking about using my fiberglass RS2 rep with non RS2 fog lights for it. I haven't decided quite yet. And here's some pictures.