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  • Hacke Racing audi s2 #2

    hello. Im "Hacke", and this is my new car projekt.

    its a street legal audi s2 coupe -92

    every tuning part is handmade by me and, its holds together.. no problems whit anything i 2 years.. i drive it on the streets and on track events.. it have tasted blood i can promes that..

    my frend at AG:s in sweden has done the programing and the cylinderhead work on the engine.. he is king

    • 2.2l 20v 5cyl aby motor
    • Hacke Racing Special intake manifold with dubble plenum
    • Hacke Racing exhaust manifold
    • PT 67 turbo
    • 4” exhaust system from turbo with side pipe
    • BMC air filter
    • race ported cylinderhead with bigger valves and special cams
    • SPM rodds
    • je pistons
    • 15 mm fuel lines
    • Walbro 511 fuel pump to catchtank
    • 3 Bosch pumps from catchtank to engine.
    • 1600cc fuel injectors
    • Nira I3+
    • E85 fuel

    runs on 2 bar boost
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    AG:s Norrkoping Sweden

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    91 S2 coupé - RIP
    98 S8 - Luxury barge


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      Any dyno results? 15mm fuel lines


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        Cheers'en, AndyC
        1994 ABY Coupe - Projekt Alpinweiss


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          -10An fuel lines? Radiator in the rear or the car where does the air come from?


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            I have a scoop under the Car

            AG:s Norrkoping Sweden


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              WOW what rock did you crawl out from? Have you sorted out all the stuff you scammed people with in Sweden? For instance my friends 5 cyl collector that you promised 5 years ago.
              2004 9-5 aero
              2009 Subaru Legacy Diesel
              1994 Toyota Supra Eurospec 6-spd LHD
              3-4 Audis in parts


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                here we go again


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                  prosty du är en riktig skit spridare , För några år sedan hade jag det riktigt tufft med min föredetta familj... som ledde till att jag har misskötte leverans tider mm. men fan inte lurat någon!
                  Hur skulle jag våga lura folk som jag träffar hela tiden på olika bilträffar mm..
                  och om någon del som jag byggt,har spruckit eller på något sätt inte fungerat så har jag givetvis åtgärdat detta.
                  men det största problemet har varit att de som haft något bekymmer eller liknande kastade skit på mig på internet, istället för att ringa till mig och berätta vad som gått fel...
                  de som tror det jag är en skojare har så fel!! jag står upp för mina misstag,och vågar erkänna att jag har misskött mig i något enstaka fall... men som sagt aldrig lurat någon..
                  har haft 2 kunder som har ringt personligen, som jag kan komma ihåg på 3 år jag kan inte komma ihåg hur många grenrör som jag byggt världen över... men dom som är nöjda är tysta... några berättar kanske om deras grenrör i någon projekt tråg eller liknande
                  aron vart inte nöjd , men tog aldrig kontakt med mig . vet inte vad problemet var, om det sprack, eller om det var utförandet han inte gillade... . till så vill jag be om ursäkt för att han.
                  jag har varit på botten av mitt liv.. å det önskar jag inte min värsta fiende ..
                  nu har jag tagit mig igenom sorgen och ser en ljus framtid.. men det är långt kvar dit.. så nu tänkte jag skapa en ny tråd om min bil.. då gör mig glad.. som det fortfarande finns någon som undrar något, så kontakta mig genom mail eller pm

                  tycker det är roligt att hjälpa likasinnade personer med deras bilar. och det har jag alltid tyckt . och tycker det är jätte tråkigt när folk kallar mig saker som jag inte är...

                  hoppas att jag nått ut till de som det berör, och till de som bara läser och skaffar sig en åsikt..

                  med vänliga hälsningar /Christopher "Hacke"

                  same text in english

                  prosty and S2Forum members..

                  prosty you are a real crap spreader, a few years ago I had it really tough with my ex-family ... that led to that I have mishandled delivery times, etc.. but hell is not fooled anyone!
                  How could I dare to fool people that I meet all the time on various car shows, etc. ..
                  and if any part that I built, is cracked or in any way did not work so I have obviously corrected this.
                  but the biggest problem has been that those who had any worries or similar threw **** at me on the internet, instead of calling to me and tell me what has gone wrong ...
                  those who believe that I am a rascal is so wrong! I stand up for my mistakes, and admit that I was bad in a few cases ... but as I said never cheated anyone ..
                  have had two clients who have called in person, as I can remember in 3 years I can not remember how many headers that I built all over the world ... but those who are satisfied are quiet ... some might tell about their manifold in any project thread or similar
                  aron where not happy, but never contacted me. do not know what the problem was, if it burst, or if there was a performance he did not like ... . I want to apologize to him.

                  have been to the bottom of my life .. I dont wisch my worst enemy that...
                  now I have my way through the grief and sees a bright future .. but it's far away we are .. so now I thought I create a new thread about my car .. which makes me happy .. that there are still some who wonder anything, contact me by email or pm

                  think it's fun to help like-minded people with their cars. and I have always liked. and think it's really sad when people call me things that I'm not ...

                  hope that I reached out to those who it affects, and to those who simply read and obtain an opinion ..

                  Best Regards / Christopher "Hacke"

                  AG:s Norrkoping Sweden


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                    Can't be any problems getting my car "streetlegal" too then



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                      Originally posted by Jamo View Post
                      Any dyno results? 15mm fuel lines
                      I have not driven it on dyno yet... next yer...
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                      AG:s Norrkoping Sweden


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                        hi hacke. i only had 2 problems. first with the delivery time. i waited 8 months for an intake mani. if you let me know, you have any personal problem, i can choose. do i want to wait, or i need my money back. the bigger problem was the quality. that was not you. i have seen your previous jobs. those was much different. i tryed to email you before i wrote in a public forum. there was no answer.

                        its happened long time ago. i hope your problems are resolved.

                        this thread is not about the past. so please more info and pictures.

                        peace and welcome back.
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                          Spoken like a true gentleman, shame everyone doesn't have this forgive and forget attitude


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                            Sure it all sounds sad and everyone should feel sorry for you? But my friend still has no collector even though I contacted you 4 years ago about this and you promised to send it to ME personally , I know it's not much of worth, but still he bought the turbo from you and you promised the collector, in business noone cares about personal issues, you can have an issue a month or two, for sure, but 5 years and no collector, COME ON..... I've been scammed a few times and every time it's always family issues, or a girlfriend who went to the hospital, or some other lame excuse, but never any received items, why is that?
                            2004 9-5 aero
                            2009 Subaru Legacy Diesel
                            1994 Toyota Supra Eurospec 6-spd LHD
                            3-4 Audis in parts


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                              A good thing here would be for you to try and sending me the collector again, but you instantly started to blame it on something else.. why is that? Why just not get it out of the way and sent it to me and shut me up?
                              2004 9-5 aero
                              2009 Subaru Legacy Diesel
                              1994 Toyota Supra Eurospec 6-spd LHD
                              3-4 Audis in parts