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Audi UrS4... Another Estonian

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  • Audi UrS4... Another Estonian

    Hi all
    I have been member in here for long time.... mainly as a reader. Now I decided to make a small thread about my car also.

    It all began over 10 years ago. Got chipped S4 for my first car. I used it as a daily driver for about 8 years. Then I moved on to newer daily drivers but I didnt sell this one. After some time I felt that chip is not enough.... and I moved on to tatech + Holset HX35. I managed to destroy this holset with too small oil restrictor and bought a new one. If im correct it should be HX35 Super with HX40 Super cold side, so a hybdride. Also I replaced tatech with motronic that is customised by PRJ. It needs some proper setup but this is planned to summer 2017. At the moment it has mods just so I can run it without MAF sensor and with bigger injectors. There has also been some accidents and this car is "restored" probably somewhere in Baltic states ( LH side has been welded....). At the moment it is not in best condition but I'll try to restore it
    So the car has:

    Restored engine with 7A modified head and stronger conrods.
    Stainless exhaust manifold
    3" exhaust
    Holset HX35S/HX40 hybrid turbo
    788cc siemens deka injectors
    Bigger intercooler
    S6 plus door trims and seat covers (partly) (blue alcantara)
    044 fuel pump
    UFO-s replaced with HP2 calipers
    New ignition system
    and some small mods/regular maintenance not worth to mention

    One mass modified flywheel together with SRE clutch is waiting in the garage.

    Best 1/4 mile is 12.3 181km/h

    Sorry that I dont have any proper pics. Just some old ones (with old turbo and stuff). But I will do new ones as soon as i will go near the car Now I have also S6 bumper installed.

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    Got a good project there. Are you mainly using for 1/4 mile with the new turbo fitted?
    Greg Administrator & Webmaster

    '93 Coupe with a few tweeks


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      To be honest, my last quarter mile was some years ago. Main idea is to build a car that I can enjoy on sundays. Sure I will try it on 1/4 and 1 mile runs but this is not essential.


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        Very nice
        Cab 2.3E


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          Thanks for sharing. Always great to hear how others are getting on living with these S cars.

          Interested to see how the UrS6 front bumper works / look with the front mounted intercooler.

          I note your join date and your post count, impressive 'self control'.

          Kind regards.


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            S6 bumper has been cut a bit. As it has to be repaired (it has a crack) and painted, I will make a pictures if this job is in progress.


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              Another nice underground S car I thought we have only few of them here in Estonia, but no nice, keep on going!!


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                Its not so much underground but it is located in Kuressaare and not in everyday use.
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                  As old steering wheel leather was worn, I tried RS4 steering wheel for replacement. Bought a spline adapter and basically it fits. It's OK for replacement but I would like to install original steering wheel (without airbag, original was this boring 4 spoke with airbag). Main reason is that this one do not knock the turn signal out and horn is also not working at the moment but this can be fixed. About airbag, I'm not brave enough to connect it to the old system


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                    Scary Audi 100`s we have here

                    Tundub, et audiklubi aeg on läbi meil.


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                      Any photos or updates regarding the front intercooler fitting behind the euro style front bumper ?

                      Hope you have had no other issue to deal with ?