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    Anyone have rear ABY subframe for sale.


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    I have a rust free S2 Coupe rear subframe, that was stripped and powered coated red some ten years ago, then coated in Waxoil inside and out so is in excellent condition with only very minor surface rust showing on a couple of spots... As used items go it's about as solid as they come, it does not come fitted with bushes as these are currently polyurethane and I'm retaining them for use on my B3 S2 re-shell project which will be retaining the original frame. It was fitted to a 3B car but as far as I'm aware there is no difference between ABY and 3B rear subframe's unlike the front items which are considerably different. I've been meaning to get it sand blasted and paint it with Por 15 Chassis paint but have not as yet found time.

    I also have another S2 Coupe rear subframe though this one has some corrosion issues that must be rectified before refinishing and pressing into use, though it's far too good to scrap.

    It's also worth noting I have a pair of pressed steel rear wishbones that have been in dry storage for over ten ears so are in excellent shape again, they no have no bushes fitted but I could supply them with barely used black PowerFlex items.

    I also have a pair of rear track control arms in good order.
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