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Audi Tradition - help wanted - Shipping address outside EU

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  • Audi Tradition - help wanted - Shipping address outside EU

    Hello all

    I've a problem with an order and in need of some help from our overseas cousins.

    I had an order on with Audi Tradition prior to Christmas which was stopped and returned by DHL, due to the Covid situation and subsequent shutdown at the French border.
    Since we are now out of the EU, Audi tradition have removed the UK from their shipping list so I cannot re-order and ship directly here.

    They are as yet unwilling or unable to change the UK to Zero rate VAT and not prepared to Zero rate the invoice knowing the goods are destined to outside of EU

    I have a friend in Germany who usually ships for me when needed but if I go this route, I will end up paying VAT in Germany and again in UK on import.

    What I propose, is that if someone outside of EU were willing to provide me with an invoice address, I can purchase the goods and have them sent directly to my Germany contact and then on to me.

    This should be a completely hands free transaction for you, but of course I will happily make a small contribution for your effort.

    So if anyone has a couple of minutes spare to help me out I would be most grateful, pm me and we can discuss further


    1989 NG Q Pick-up (Daily)
    2002 ASZ Golf (Doris' Daily)
    1997 AJK-G2 A6 Avant Q (In surgery)
    1999 AGZ Bora (Daily 2)
    1994 ABC A6 Avant (Spare)
    1984 JS Coupe GT (Slow progress)
    1982 WN Coupe GT5 (Spare)
    1983 MK1 Golf GTI Pirelli (In storage)

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    It looks like I might still be able to order, what do you need? PM a list if you like


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      Audi Tradition are zeroing the VAT rate and as I understand it goods up to the value of £135 can be imported VAT and duty free for the time being. However they have removed the UK from their shipping and billing list so you can't actually order anything. Curiously, the Isle of Man is still on their list. Has anyone found a way to order from them this year, otherwise I assume we'll just have to wait until the shippers sort out their paperwork?


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        Update now on Audi Tradition web site:

        Due to the Brexit, we are currently unable to sell goods to the UK (including Northern Ireland). Our systems are not able to handle different tax rates within the same country (UK).
        Please be aware that placed orders with a UK address but a different chosen destination country will be cancelled by us.
        We are already looking for a solution to this problem, but this will take some time. Thank you for your understanding.